011 Element 2500 word report (2022 MOD007390 TRI2 F01CAM)

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    011 Element 2500 word report Assignment help

    Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:
    Throughout the module, you learn different security operations concepts,
    technologies and platforms and their relevance to businesses within real-life
    scenarios. You need to write a report on a real-world cybersecurity case. This case
    study report must contain a business security challenge and your cybersecurity
    operation solution. You need to consider at least a recent security operations
    platform in your solution.

    Within your final document, you must:
    1. Conduct a literature review related to the case study.
    2. Clearly explain the challenge.
    3. Analyse and evaluate the need for a better security operations solution
    and the tools and techniques used to archive the best results (e.g.,
    automation, quicker incident response, higher accuracy, etc.).
    4. Research, critically evaluate and document the solution and how the
    cutting-edge platform works. You need to clearly explain why your
    selected technologies and platform(s).
    5. All the above items must be done in the case study context.

    Your document must be organised as follows:
    • Cover page, including your SID number, module code, module name and
    your report’s title. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN ANY PART OF
    • Introduction, a brief description of the contents of the document, scenario,
    • Body of the document, all the elements described above (1-5). You can
    organise them as you want.
    • Conclusions, a summary of what the document was about and the lessons
    • References, a list of all the sources used. Please use ARU’s Harvard
    Referencing style.
    Word limit: 2500
    Guidance Resources:

    Use Google Scholar and the ARU library for your literature review.
    You can find many cybersecurity case studies by Googling relevant keywords. For
    example, case studies about security operation challenges (cases) of a bank,
    manufacturing, cloud services, etc. Security operation solution providers, such as
    SIEM solutions, usefully provide several case studies. You can read them to get some

    Before starting your studies and writing, email your topic of interest (i.e., the case
    study title and a brief explanation) to the module’s leader. You will be informed if the
    case study is adequate.

    Assessment Marking Criteria / Scheme:
    Please find marking criteria in the Rubric section of this module (on Canvas).
    The report must be written in your own words, except where referenced quotations
    are used.
    Feedback Arrangements:
    Written academic feedback through Canvas.
    Links to important regulations / advice about late submissions etc.
    SitePages/submitting-your-work-late.aspxLinks to an external site.
    Re-Assessment Arrangements:
    If you fail the module, you will have a second submission attempt, but you will be
    capped at 40%.

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