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    Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework

    Task Details:

    • Develop your own new business idea based on which your writing a report (essay) articulating different components of your business idea, development and internationalisation approaches underpinned by the appropriate International Entrepreneurship theories covered in this module.
    • You must assume that your business idea should be considered as a nascent/novice entrepreneurial idea and has not yet ventured internationally. You must have your choice verified by your seminar tutor.

    You are required to write a detailed report on how the new enterprise can take its product or service to international markets.

    What should your report include?

    You should include the areas below:

    • Clear justifications for potential customer segments (apply the Value Proposition Canvas).
    • Practical suggestions on the relationships and networks which the new designer or young venture should consider for both; the development of the venture and future internationalisation activities.
    • Acknowledgement of the potential risks associated with a new business venture.
    • Financing options for the new business to expand internationally
    • Appropriate routes to international foreign markets.
    • Identify and discuss available business support both within domestic and/or international entrepreneurial ecosystem that a business can access for new international expansion and any support identified in their target markets.
    • Demonstrate consideration of the intellectual property implications, if any, based on your suggestions for international market development.

    Your recommendations will need to be supported by the theory (tools and frameworks) introduced on this module and sufficient market intelligence drawn from secondary data (i.e. market reports/country/industry reports). If you intend to collect primary data you must discuss this with your seminar tutor.

    Particular instructions to students:

    Avoid using generic business frameworks in your work these being: The PESTLE; SWOT; Strategic Clock; ANSOFF; PORTERs five forces framework.

    Coursework Submission Guidelines

    The deadlines for all your coursework can be accessed via Assessment Diary.  Please ensure you check this and you know when all your submission deadlines are due.

    Sheffield Business School operates a deadline time of 3pm for all coursework submissions. Submissions should be online via the Blackboard submission point. Please be aware that if you do not submit via the Blackboard submission point it will be deemed as a non-submission and therefore receive a mark of zero. The online submission date for the final report is 05/01/2023 at 3pm.

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