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    Task and Marks distribution:
    This assignment is a two stage, research informed coursework using a shared activity led learning approach to develop student’s subject related and transferable skills. It comprises two case study assignments, the first of 5+5 credits (CW1+CW2) and the second of 5 credits (CW3) ALL of which need to be passed in order to pass the module and be awarded 15 credits.

    Bottled Water Case:
    CW1 – Individual Literature Review (5 credits) within CW2 – SCM Group Presentation (5 credits) provides students with foundation knowledge of supply chain theory and relevant practice.

    Nissan Cogent Case:
    CW3 – SCM Advanced Group Presentation (5 credits) provides students with deeper knowledge of a specialised area of supply chain management theory and relevant practice.
    The above activities support the achievement of all five module intended learning outcomes.

    CW1 + CW2:
    The purpose of the introductory case study assignment is to task students to undertake a wide ranging review of the supply chain literature using high quality books and research journal sources so as to become familiar with key supply chain theories and concepts and their respective authors.

    In so doing, students are supported to develop critical evaluation skills through group discussion (arguing, challenging, determining and explaining the relevance of the theories identified to bottled water supply chains) and presenting their analysis to the class as teachers.

    CW1: Within each group presentation, each individual group member is required to demonstrate his/her independent learning by adding a brief literature review with references in the notes section of their PowerPoint slides.

    Each individual literature review should link theory to practice through making critical arguments which support each ppt slide, focusing on the chosen aspect of supply chain management e.g. procurement, inventory, logistics etc.
    Literature reviews should be based on academic research, citing a minimum of 4 sources (e.g. research journal articles and books) and should contain a reference list at the end formatted according to the APA 7th referencing guide. The word count should not to exceed 1500 words per person.

    Each individually prepared contribution should link to and align with other group members contributions to form a coherent overall group presentation.

    Two examples of individual CW1 literature reviews with references are provided to guide students on how to make critical arguments and cite relevant high quality sources.

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