7042SSL The Global Business Environment – Evolution and Dynamics

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    Assessment Information
    This assignment is a GROUP project, and each student will be assigned a group of 2-4 participants.
    The assignment consists of submitting the following two components:
    • 15-20 Minutes Group Presentation
    • A 300-word individual reflective piece
    This assignment requires you to present in groups of 2-4 students on the question:
    What strategies do multinational corporations (MNCs) use to manage the challenges of the global
    business environment in ONE of the following industries:
    • Cyber Security
    • Garments/Clothing
    • Financial services
    • Logistics
    This document is for Coventry University students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be
    passed to third parties or posted on any website. Any infringements of this rule should be reported to acreg.fbl@coventry.ac.uk

    You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present your argument.
    Please note that students are expected to record themselves giving the presentation, and are not
    allowed to use a 3rd party voice, or an automated/computer generated voice. All members of the
    group must appear and participate in the video presentation.
    We do not wish to be prescriptive about the precise format or content of the presentation, but it is
    important that you address the marking criteria identified below. To that end, examples of the kinds
    of topics your presentation ought to include are:
    (1) identify the main features of your selected industry. For example:
    o Who are the main players and what are their market shares?
    o How dynamic is this industry? Is it growing quickly? Which national and regional
    markets are growing fastest? Which are declining?
    o Are companies privately owned or state owned?
    o How competitive is the industry? Does the competitive environment evolve quickly?
    o Is this a capital or labour intensive industry?
    (2) identify and analyse the challenges for MNCs arising from the main features of this
    o The important thing about this section is that it should ‘map’ onto the features you
    have identified. For example, if you have identified this as an industry that is capital
    intensive, what kinds of challenges arise from that for MNCs?
    (3) outline the strategies deployed MNCs and explains how these assist them to manage the
    global business environment in your chosen industry
    o The important thing about this section is that it should map onto the challenges that
    you have identified. In other words, you need to think about how the strategies will
    help the MNC to address the challenge.

    The examples given above are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. In other words, there may be other
    things that you wish to discuss or some of these issues may not be relevant to your chosen industry.
    A good place to start your research is the core textbook for the module: P.Dicken, Global Shift:
    Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy (7th edition), London: SAGE. However, it is
    essential this is supplemented from material from the reading lists provided on Aula and from your
    own independent research.
    Component weightings*
    15-20 minute group presentation 80%
    300-word Individual reflective summary 20%
    *To ensure consistency, all components will be marked at 100% and then converted to the
    above-stipulated weightings

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