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SBM1204 – Project Delivery Systems Assignment Help!

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Unit Code: SBM1204 Title: Project Delivery Systems Assessment 1: Article Summary This Article summary assesses your knowledge of key content areas of project delivery methods and contract management. Guidelines for writing a summary of an article: Identify the key ideas of the article. You need to identify the relevant information that supports the key ideas. You [...]

MBA643:Project Initiation, Planning and Execution Assignment help

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Assessment 1 Information Subject Code: MBA643 Subject Name: Project Initiation, Planning and Execution Assessment Title: Risk analysis and mitigation project (Individual) Assessment Type: Project     Word Count: 1500-2000 Words (+/-10%) Weighting: 30 %     Total Marks: 30     Submission: Via Turnitin,     Due Date: Monday, Week 6 23:55pm AEDT     Assessment [...]

PPMP20007 Assessment 3 — Group presentation

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PPMP20007 Assessment 3 — Group presentation Due date: Submit electronic copy of the presentation resources by the due date shown in the unit profile and on the Moodle website. Marks will be deducted for late submission of materials. Workshop Presentation – during the term (commencing Week 6) as organised by your tutor – No marks will [...]

Project Management- How did you leverage knowledge gained assignment help

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In this assessment task, the learner is required to answer the following questions? What are the competencies which you were able to develop in researching and also writing a particular course- Comprehensive project? What are the ways by which you actually leverage the knowledge that is acquired in the intellipath assignments for the completion of comprehensive [...]

INF80044 Project Quality and Resource Management assignment help

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Assignment 2 – Research Report - Individual Assignment tasks: 1. Select one of the following topics to research: Approaches to quality control in a project management context. Or How to lead an effective project team. 2. Select a sub-topic to focus on. These are very broad topics so you need to narrow it down. 3. Gather [...]