7055SOH Leading in Complex Health Systems

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    Subcode– 7055SOH

    Title— Leading in Complex Health Systems

    File type—Individual presentation (10 minute)


    Referencing style – APA 

    Learning Outcomes:

    Understanding and analysis on the challenges of leading change and innovation across complex systems within health and care.

    Understanding of the factors which contribute to organisational culture on and within health and care organisations.

    Have to choose one report out of five given report files 

    Max slides—10 (including tile and referencing slide)

    The information for slide 

    Proven innovation to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs in the project/report

    Understanding of the factors that impact on complex systems, organizational structure and how these may have impacted on the change management process

    Critical and analytical approach to the evaluation of the report.

    Evaluation of the academic literature and module learning to support the argument in your presentation.

    Slides Information 


    • Title of project, student id number, course name 
    • Aims and outlines
    • penultimate slide will present summary and conclusion.
    • Final slide will provide a reference list
    • Begin with an introduction and aims of the presentation.
    • In End need to summarise the main points addressed and reach some form of conclusion
    • main part of the presentation should demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.




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