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    The key elements of the procurement include:-
    1. Captial purchase of the robot arm.
    2. Purchase is to include all guarding and safety systems.
    3. Moving the 2 current CNC machine into place.
    4. Installation of the robot.
    5. Commissioning of the cell to be released to production including any programming required.
    6. Ongoing service support via remote access, bi-annual onsite servicing and maintenance.
    7. Training of Engineers to programming.
    8. Training of Operators is safe use, daily, weekly & monthly maintenance processes.
    In preparation for the project to commencing you been asked to write a report covering the following questions. Failure to clearly address the given scenario in your answers will mean an automatic fail.

    1. Critically review the form of contract that is applicable to this scenario and discuss in detail the tendering process that needs to be applied. Discuss relevant elements of contract law that are applied in this scenario. (LO4) – 20% 2. Critically appraise (Using literature) two different supplier selection processes that could be used for the procurement process in the case study, and then clearly state your preferred choice for the case study and justify your selection. Your preferred choice should include key selection criteria, weightings and justification (LO1) – 25%

    3 . Develop a process to resolve issues relating to product quality, lead-time and delivery based on the above based scenario. You will then need to explain how dispute resolution can be used to mitigate serious problems relating to quality, lead-time and delivery. (LO5) – 25%.

    4. Effective contractual evaluation of the type of the risks incorporated in the above-mentioned scenario along with solution-oriented mitigation plans that could help to make this procurement be successful. Determine your preferred choice of tender method for the project and critically evaluate using literature

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