ABM1120 Financial Analysis and Decision Making

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    Financial Analysis and Decision Making Assignment help

    Submission of team report

    Maximum length 4,000 words, plus judicious appendices. Any material in the main body of your report (i.e., excluding appendices) beyond 4,000 words may be ignored. Material submitted in appendices which should be in the main body of your report will be counted as part of the main body.

    You must include a final appendix (in addition to any others you may wish to include) which sets out the sources which you consult, quote, etc. as part of this coursework assessment. References to sources should be in standard form.

    Your submission should be word processed and be produced principally in black on white – use of colour is acceptable.

    You are reminded of the need to provide a clear, well‐structured submission, with appropriate, accurate and concise use of language.

    Report to be submitted by 9.00am Monday 27th March 2023. The submission to be made by ONE (and only one) using Tunitin.

    Please ensure you are aware of unacceptable academic practise and submit your group report in a timely manner

    Hints concerning the report

    You are advised that your report is unlikely to be considered complete or compelling without the following (although this list is not intended to be exhaustive, nor highlight the relative importance of its elements):

    Introduction regarding the firms and industry

    Analysis of industry business environment and strategy

    Analysis of financial accounting information

    Analysis of stock market‐based information

    Discussion upon corporate governance and regulatory compliance

    Discussion upon management capability

    Coverage of other pertinent matters, e.g. social issues, risk management, etc.

    Well‐reasoned conclusions and a recommendation regarding each of the two companies you have considered, as to whether you would suggest investors “buy”, “hold” or “sell” the shares in that company

    Clear format and structure (clear and useful headings and sub‐headings; page numbering; contents page; executive summary; judicious use of footnotes, appendices, graphics and diagrams; readable fonts; and appropriate and accurate language, etc.)


    Accurate, complete and clear referencing of all information sources

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