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    Choice of industry and two industry competitors

    No more than four teams will be allowed to choose the same industry. No team may choose the financial services industry. No team will be allowed to choose an industry competitor company which has been chosen by another team. No team will be allowed to choose an industry competitor company which appears in the list directly below (“Companies which may not be chosen for the group project coursework assessment”).

    ONE (and only one) member of your team is required to submit the team’s choice of industry and two competitor companies within that industry by e‐mail to Chunmei Guo (chg62@aber.ac.uk) for approval by 5 pm Friday 10th March 2023. Submissions will be dealt with on a “first come first served” basis by e‐mail. You may wish to include a second choice of industry and/or competitor companies in case your first choices have already been taken. If your team does not make an approved choice before the deadline, a choice will be made for you.

    Hint: Before settling on choice of industry and, particularly, two industry competitors, think about:

    1. what kind of information you will need in order to be to complete this assignment, and make sure you will be able to get it ‐ such information is bound to include, for example, financial statement and share performance information (but, further, see also below “Hints concerning the report”)
    2. the need for comparability of the information you will collect on the two industry competitors
    • the need for you to be able readily to understand, analyse and interpret that information.

    In sum, this means you should be looking for industry competitors which are both listed companies; which are both based in the same jurisdiction; and, further, which are based in the UK or a jurisdiction with a similar financial accounting and reporting framework (e.g., Australia, EU, USA, etc).


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