Assessment 2 – Portfolio Task 1: Short Report, Project Plan, Ethical Considerations and Analysis

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    Short Report, Project Plan, Ethical Considerations and Analysis Assignment help


    • For this task, you will write a 600 word short report identifying and describing the ethical issues which need to be considered in relation to the proposed project, and outlining possible options to deal with them. The options you suggest must be relevant, appropriate to the scale and importance of the ethical issue, and be able to be implemented.

    Although you will submit this as a separate assignment, it will eventually form part of the Assessment 2 Task 3 Project Plan, so a copy of this assignment must be included as an Appendix to the Project Plan.

    The report must be structured as follows:

      • Identify and describe the ethical issues
      • Outline the possible options to deal with them, explaining the pros and cons of each
      • Summarise your findings with the options you would recommend be implemented.

    As you prepare your assignment, remember to refer to the marking guide  which explains how your assessment will be marked.

    This assignment is worth 15% of your overall grade.

    You will receive feedback on the task in one week via the marking guide and tracked changes with tutor comments.

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