Assessment 3 – Case Study (35%)

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    Assessment 3 – Case Study (35%) Assignment help

    Assessment 3 – Case Study (35%)
    Due Date: Sunday 23rd Oct @ 23:59pm via Turnitin submission point in Moodle
    Word Limit: Minimum 1200 words – Maximum 1350 words. Including in-text citations,
    from introduction to end of conclusion, excluding reference list.
    Words above 1350 will incur a 4 marks penalty.
    The marker will stop reading the report at 1450 words, but 4 marks penalty will
    be incurred for words over 1350.
    Formatting: Use the template provided
    Arial 11 point, double spacing, page margin 2.5
    Cover page: As in template

    Footer: Full name and student ID on LHS and page numbers on RHS
    APA 7th edition referencing (e.g. with indentation…see below)
    Writing style: It is important to use a formal, objective, third person writing style (do not use ‘I’,
    ‘we’ etc.).

    You are writing an evidence-based report – hence must have regular citations in
    the discussion sections.

    Avoid over-generalisation and sweeping statement; instead use academic
    language: use “appears”, “seems to”, “more likely”, “less likely”, “greater chance”,
    “lesser chance”; as opposed – “the outcome will be” – as you can never predict with
    100% accuracy what WILL happen.

    Referencing: You must follow the APA 7th guide for in-text citations and all referencing:
    Use Credible Sources

    As a minimum, you are required to find useful information from:
    – Two (2) books or government reports &
    – Three (3) peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 10 years for non-Aboriginal

    related sources. Aboriginal related articles/sources can be of any age – but they must the most
    up-to-date ones regarding the content you have chosen to use.
    You may NOT use general websites, webpages, or fact sheets, doing so will cause you to lose significant

    Content: Should be an evidence-based analysis of the case, directed by the knowledge learnt in
    this unit. Paraphrase information acquired from reference sources. Maximum of ONE
    quote allowed in the whole document.

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