Assignment on Human Resource Development

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    Case analysis provides you with the opportunity to learn by doing. Therefore, real case analysis is an essential part of any business management course. Accordingly, you have to identify an organization that you want to study. Specifically, the organization that you choose must be the one that has a Training and Development wing.


    1. Group yourself into a team of 3 to 5? based on your intimacy of relationship or otherwise

    2. Prepare a comprehensive write up on “Practices of Human Resource Development” of the organization of your choice/preference (public, private, NGO, etc.) that has a training, education and/or management development center or program

    3. Preparing the write-up and submission of the report:

    Make a review of available secondary sources (Books, Journals, Company Reports, Internet, etc.) to gather secondary data;

    Collect primary data using questionnaires and interviews from respondents;

    Cite the relevant sources of information properly (e.g. using the Harvard referencing style format: for in text citation & end reference). There must be clear evidence of consultation of academic literatures – books, academic journal articles, Internet, etc.;

    Organize the write up in an accepted (standardized) term-paper format;

    The report length should be between 10-12 pages, excluding preliminary pages and appendices;

    The report must be 1.5 spaced, 12 point font and appropriately formatted;

    The report should be prepared in a professional manner. This means that the paper should be concise and literate;

    Use appropriate data presentation techniques, such as tables, charts&exhibits where appropriate;

    A typed copy of the report should be submitted before the due date (??).

    The general format of the case analysis

    1. Company description and background information

    Provide a brief outline of the company;

    Describe what it does and how it has developed;

    Include the vision, mission, objectives and competencies.

    2. External and internal HRD environments

    You should outline what you think are the main opportunities and challenges facing the organization as well as the main strengths and limitations. It is important that you concentrate on a few main issues and explain why they are significant rather than list a wide variety of factors.

    3. Discussion and recommendation

    You should identify and briefly discuss alternative solutions for the organization of your choice (no more than five). You must recommend the alternative solution/s and justify your reasons in terms of the company’s HRD environments (both internal and external).

    The format of the “written report” of the case analysis

    1. Executive summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Main body:
    • Analysis of the organization’s situation in depth, including its environment;
    • Clear identification of the key problems/strategic issues which management needs to address;
    • Evaluation of alternative solutions and justification for selecting the best solution.
    1. Conclusion
    2. Presenting realistic and well supported by the analysis recommendations for action
    3. References
    4. Appendix

    The detailed content of the assignment

    1. Executive Summary – initiating the interest of the reader

    2. Introduction – Company Description & Background Information

    Providing a brief outline of the company – it’s functions & development

    Incorporating the vision, mission, objectives & competencies

    The overall organizational strategies

    Explanation of the HRD objectives and strategies

    Explaining the HRD activities/practices

    3. Main Body

    a. External & Internal HRD Environments

    Outlining the main opportunities & challenges facing the organization/company

    Identifying the main strengths and limitations the organization/company has

    Focusing, in both cases, on a few main issues and explain why they are significant

    b. Discussion & Analysis

    Identification of the key problems/strategic issues which management needs to address vis-à-vis the HRD

    Discussion of the alternative solutions briefly

    Evaluation of alternative solutions

    Recommendation of the viable alternative/s

    Justifications for selecting the viable solution/s

    Revealing the strategic alignment of HRD objectives with HRP & Strategic Business plans

    4. Conclusion & Recommendations

    Overall conclusion

    Overall recommendations which are realistic & well supported by the analysis for action

    5. References

    6. Layout & Language



    Grammar & spelling



    Your mark, out of 50% will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Your team’s analysis of the company’s situation in depth and ability to use the concepts and tools of HRD in a competent manner;
    • Well done environmental analysis (SWOT) of the organization concerned;
    • The clarity and thoroughness with which your team identifies the issues which management needs to address with regard to the HRD activity;
    • The creativity of using of tables, figures, etc.;
    • The overall conclusion;
    • The practicality of your team’s recommendations, degree of detail and supporting arguments;
    • Layout, grammar, spelling
    • Both inside text-reference and end reference



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