BA6001 – Business Operations

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    Assessment 2: The Challenge of Operations Supply Networks

    You have been hired as an operations consultant for an organisation (your group must select one of the organisations provided below). You have been given the project task of mapping, and identifying potential challenges for their Supply Network. You will need to perform a thorough audit of the organisations operations. You are tasked in finding potential solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the Operations Supply Networks. You are required to present your findings to the Board of Directors.

    Select one of the organisations listed below and produce a video presentation with speaker’s notes, which examines the role, challenges and development of supply networks. The video presentation should clearly demonstrate the application of operations management models and theories.

    (Video Presentation and 2,000 words speakers notes, word count excludes appendices, references). Your group will create a video presenting your findings.

    Please select one of the following organisations for the assessment:

    Organisation Organisation
    Amazon UPS
    Toyota Ford
    Starbucks Coca Cola
    Procter and Gamble Apple

    Word Count: 2,000 words speakers notes, excluding appendices and references

    Assignment 2 needs to be submitted through Turn-it-in via the student portal, by:

    Deadline Time: Midnight, 11:59pm

    Deadline Date: 5th March 2018

    Deadline Week: 20

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