BMO0273 Fundamentals of Leadership

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    Assessment Task
    You should design a leadership manual.
    Your leadership manual should draw on academic research and theory to outline and
    present best practice in relation to leadership skills, behaviours and attitudes.
    Your leadership manual must include the following sections
    1. Title page (not included in word count)
    2. Contents page (not included in word count)
    3. What is effective leadership? (150 words)
    • In this introduction you should introduce the concept of leadership and
    effective leadership
    4. Using power and influence as a leader (400 words)
    • Selecting two of the following, critically discuss the extent to which they are
    appropriate power bases for a leader to adopt:
    Reward power base, Coercive power base, Legitimate power base, Expert
    power base, Referent power base
    5. Approaches to leadership (450 words)
    • Critically discuss the extent to which situational leadership is an effective
    approach for leaders to adopt
    6. Leadership communication (500 words)
    • Critically discuss best-practice of effective leadership communication
    • Evaluate the challenges of leading virtual teams
    7. Leadership and motivating others (450 words)
    • Select one of the following, and critically argue why it is an effective theory
    of motivation used by Leaders:
    Needs theories, Reinforcement theory, Expectancy theory, Equity theory,
    Goal setting theory
    8. Leadership and emotional intelligence (400 words)
    a. Critically discuss the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership
    9. Conclusion (150 words)
    b. Bring your manual together and end with 150 words of advice which a
    leader should follow in order to be effective
    10. Reference list (not included in word count)

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