BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management

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    This assessment comprises both the knowledge evidence in PART A and the evidence on
    work for a communication project within a simulated workplace environment in PART B. You are required to respond to all the knowledge evidence questions (PART A) and as well as complete the Communication Project (PART B) to be deemed competent. In this assessment learners are required to develop and manage organisational systems for customer service, review and modify plans, policies and procedures. Learners are also required to monitor and assist teams in regard to customer service.


    This assessment comprises the knowledge evidence of the unit BSBCMM511. You are required to respond to the Six (6) knowledge evidence questions in order to be evaluated for the underpinning knowledge requirements attached to the unit


    Using the communication Project template provided in this assessment, you are required to work for an enterprise of your choice (within Australia) or use the simulated organisational context of Academies Australasia

    You will be working towards performing the following tasks within the simulated work environment or your chosen organisation. If you have chosen your own work environment, you will need to arrange and gather several relevant documents from your workplace to analyse review and modify for the purpose of assessment requirements.  Whether you choose your own workplace or the simulated work environment, to demonstrate competency you will need to complete several tasks following the exact structure.

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