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    BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Brief


    The Board of Directors and the CEO have decided to implement an e-commerce strategy to maintain or increase market share and revenue and satisfy customer needs in line with company strategic directions. You have been hired as an external consultant to manage operational planning activities for e-commerce strategy. Under the strategy, would offer all products in an online store. Stock could be stored at no extra cost at existing stores. Customers would cover delivery costs.
    Currently,  but this website lacks e-commerce functionality. The website would need to be redeveloped to incorporate this functionality in line with relevant technical specifications. Existing infrastructure, such as office and store configurations, would need to be adapted to the new strategy. Additionally, assets, such as delivery vehicles would need to be acquired. New staff would need to be recruited and existing staff retrained or informed of the e-commerce strategy and associated operational and performance targets.
    All resourcing must be acquired and operations undertaken in accordance with relevant internal and external standards – legislation and codes of practice; intellectual property (IP) rights and responsibilities; and organisational policies and procedures.
    Preliminary approval has been given to amend existing budget and operational planning to incorporate this strategy.

    Scenario task

    As the external consultant, you will need to determine physical and human resourcing requirements. Review organisational documentation and undertake preliminary research study on e-commerce. Consult with the following personnel to determine resourcing needs:

    • Sales and Marketing Manager
    • technology consultant.

    You will then need to plan physical and human resourcing and establish associated performance measures and targets. You may consider the Management Team of BBQfun, including team leaders in warehouses, to be resources for the implementation. Use description of their roles in operational planning when assigning responsibilities.
    Finally, you will need to propose resourcing and associated operational changes to the Operations General Manager, who will, in consultation with the CEO and Board of Directors, provide approval.


    1. From the case study, write a brief summary of the BBQfun operational environment that includes the following:-

    • an outline the legislative and regulatory context that is relevant to BBQfun’s operational plan. Aspects which could be included (but are not necessarily limited to) are Privacy Legislation, Consumer Law, Work Health & Safety and Consumer Law.
    • an outline of the BBQfun policies and procedures that directly relate to the operational plan.
    • an explanation of the role of an operational plan in achieving the successful implementation of the e-commerce strategy.
    • an explanation and brief justification of your intention to either develop a new operational plan for, or to amend the existing operational plan. You need to support your decision with reference to different methods and models for developing operational plans – such as methods for setting goals, outlining actions, identifying risk and monitoring performance.

    2. Based on your summary at Task 1, research and identify resource requirements for the implementation of the e-commerce strategy. Provide a summary of your findings.
    3. Outline the consultation and communication activities that you will undertake in planning to consult with relevant personnel in order to determine resourcing needs. The relevant personnel from the case study are:-

    • The Sales and Marketing Manager to discuss human resourcing requirements.
    • The Technology consultant to discuss physical resourcing requirements related to development of e-commerce website.

    4. Using the template in Appendix 2, develop an action plan for the implementation of the e-commerce strategy.

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