BSBSUS511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

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    Title – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability Assignment Help

    Assignment Type — Task 1, Task 2, Task 3

                                                            Task — 1 

    Knowledge Questionnaire —– Australian and international standards, environmental and sustainability legislation, regulations and codes, internal and external sources of information elements required for the development of organisational sustainability

    • agreed outcomes of the policy and procedures
    • policy timeframes and costs
    • performance indicators
    • activities to be undertaken
    • assigned responsibilities
    • record keeping, review and improvement processes
    • common sustainability issues with organisational systems and procedures
    • typical barriers to implementing policies and procedures in an organisation and possible strategies to address them.

    Question 1

    List and briefly outline three Australian and international standards relating to corporate sustainability. (20 – 30 words each)

    Question 2

    Think about an organisation that you are familiar with, what is the environmental or sustainability legislation, regulations and code of practice? List and describe three (30-50 words/description)

    Question 3

    Identify and list 2 internal and 2 external sources of information that can assist when developing sustainability policy and procedures for an organisation.

    Outline how they can be used when developing a sustainability policy. (30-50 words)

    Question 4

    Write a brief explanation of the elements required for the development of organisational sustainability policies and processes listed in the table below. (30 – 40 words each)

    Question 5

    Explain your approach for each of the following barriers and challenges when implementing policies and procedures inside an organisation 

                                               Task — 2 

    Task 2 Prepare workplace sustainability policies

    required to develop a sustainability policy described in Appendix 1. 

    Task 2.1.1 Define the scope and objectives of the sustainability policy

    1. Read Appendix 1 and determine what legislative and regulatory requirements would apply (4-5)
    2. Research for sustainability best practice models, summarise the findings of research (50-100 words).
    3. Develop three options for the direction and focus of the policy and consider
    • the likely effectiveness
    • timeframe 
    • sustainability as a value add for the business
    • cost of implementing the option
    1. Schedule a time with the trainer and assessor 
    • The outcome of your evaluation (point c)
    • Typical barriers to sustainability policy implementation and possible strategies to address barriers
    • How cost for implementing sustainability could be reduced and value added to the company
    • The process you are taking to develop the policy (Duration: 30 minutes)


    2.1.2 Develop a sustainability policy


    Select an option for the direction and focus of the policy based on your analysis and consultation process. Develop a sustainability policy.  

    Ensure that your policy clearly reflects the organisation’s commitment to sustainability and use an employment life-cycle approach.

    Include appropriate strategies to minimise resource use, reduce toxic/hazardous materials and chemicals. 

    2.1.3 Policy Implementation Plan

    Develop a policy implementation plan.

    The plan must include:

    • Procedures to help implement the sustainability process with the goal to create an Internal Digital Marketing Campaign for the organisation
    • Communication of the procedures to help implement the sustainability process
    • Actions to implement strategies for continuous improvements in resource efficiency
    • Actions to implement continuous improvement in the application of the policy
    • A monitoring strategy to control the implementation of the policy
    • A recording system to track the continuous improvement in sustainability approaches



    Swap policies with one of your classmates. Review each other’s policies and give each other constructive feedback on the structure, content, outcomes, implementation plan, performance indicators and practicality of each policy.

                                                   Peer review 

    Make the required changes to your policy (2.1.2) and implementation plan (2.1.3) based on the feedback you have received and agreed with.


    Read appendix 1 


                                                              Task — 3 

    Implement and review workplace sustainability policies

    It has been designed to evaluate your ability

    • Present workplace sustainability policies and implementation processes to key stakeholders
    • Identify and source resources required to implement sustainability policies 
    • Support implementation of workplace sustainability policies 
    • Track continuous improvements in sustainability approaches using recording systems
    • Document outcomes and provide feedback to key personnel and stakeholders
    • Identify trends requiring remedial action to promote continuous improvement of performance
    • Modify sustainability policies to incorporate improvements
    • develop and implement workplace policies and procedures for sustainability on at least one occasion, including: 
      • implementing sustainability policy and procedures into wider organisational policies and procedures
      • consulting and communicating with relevant stakeholders to generate engagement with sustainability policy development, implementation and continuous improvement.


    • Task 3.1 Implement workplace sustainability policies and procedures




    • Social media post- Develop a social media post to publish in the FB page of the organisation.
    • Power Point – Develop a PowerPoint presentation (7-10 slides)
    • Email – Write an email to senior management
    • Task 3.2 Review workplace sustainability policies and procedures (150-200 words)


    You have implemented the policy 

    Write a report to senior management to address the monitoring report


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