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    Code: BUHRM5912


    Assessment Task 1: Individual report
    1.Assessment Details
    Write an individual report on the following scenario within a 2000 word limit.
    Today, the success of HR practitioners largely depends on how agile they are in responding to the emerging challenges occurring in the internal and external environment. Given this backdrop, with reference to the Environmental Influences Model (see figure 2.16 of the textbook), examine how major demographic changes are likely to affect future HR planning and job design in an organisation or industry you are familiar with. As an HR practitioner, suggest a set of justified recommendations for how top management or an industry peak body should respond to these demographic changes.
    General advice:
    To complete this individual assessment, you should refer to the textbook chapters of 2, 4 and 5 and find out relevant journal articles. You could choose any organisation or industry you are familiar with. This does not necessitate that you should be a current employee of an organisation/industry. If you are not a current employee of any organisation, you may choose an organisation or industry you are familiar with by browsing their official website.
    The following headings should be used to prepare your individual report.

    1. Introduction: Your introduction should briefly describe your chosen company or industry and the purpose and content of the report.

    2. Analysis of the potential impact of changing demography on the HR planning and job design of [for example, ABC company or industry]:
    Using relevant HR related theories and concepts from the textbook and from any relevant HR journal articles or HR industry reports, you are required to examine the effects of changing demography on HR practices.

    3. Recommendations to address the identified impacts:
    Being an HR practitioner, propose a set of justified recommendation(s) for your peak industry body or top management utilising some aspects of your analyses and findings from relevant research and reports.

    Research and referencing requirements:
    You MUST include a minimum of 8 references. This means you are allowed to use more than 8 references; however, 4 references should be peer-reviewed journal articles. Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed so should not be in your reference list, although you may obtain some useful references from Wikipedia. You should use the FedUni library database to download useful academic sources. Referencing must be in APA format. In-text citations must be included, as well as a full reference list at the end of the report.
    Length: 2000 words. Note: There are penalties in place for exceeding the recommended threshold word limit (5% above or below the given word limit is acceptable; references and appendices are not counted towards the total word count). Beyond the 5% threshold, 1 mark will be deducted for every 10% that you exceed the given word limit.


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