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    Leadership Theory  

    Unit Code:

    BUS 500

    Type of Assessment:

    Assessment 3 – Leadership Paper

    Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:

    1. Analyse and explain historical trends in the concept of leadership
    2. Analyse and explain how leadership overlaps with, yet can be distinguished from, management.
    3. Demonstrate an ability to synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and practices of leadership to the analysis of case study and research data.
    4. Demonstrate a critical understanding of how leadership theory informs contemporary leadership practice across a spectrum of organisational contexts.
    5. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the differences between leadership influence and coercion, and other forms of power and authority.
    6. Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of leadership theories.
    7. Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the types of leadership styles and behaviours adopted by self and others and their efficacy.

    Criteria for assessment:

    • Range and relevance of research undertaken
    • Depth and breadth of issues covered with respect to the selected organisation
    • Demonstrated level of understanding of issues, insights, including insights acquired into leadership within the selected organisation
    • Professional recommendations that reflect advanced knowledge of Leadership theory and its application

    Assessment task:

    Each individual student will research and write a paper with an analysis of leadership practices and associated issues within a selected organisation (word count: 2,500 words).

    Each individual student will research and write a paper with an analysis of leadership practices and associated issues within a selected organisation, aimed at synthesizing the learning experience of the unit. The paper will cover the following:

    • A general overview of the organisation’s activities
    • A general overview of the leadership practice within the selected organisation including leadership styles, any leadership challenges identified and leadership development activities in the organisation
    • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the identified leadership practices in the organisation. This should include an analysis that the leadership practice has had on the overall organisational strategy or how the identified leadership practices have affected the performance of the organisation
    • Basing on the issues identified and supporting a theory, make recommendations for the organisation (focus on how the leadership practices can be optimised for maximum organisational impact).

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