BUS710: Marketing in an International Environment

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    Code :BUS710

    Subject :Marketing in an International Environment

    Task 1 BUS710 Marketing in an International Environment: Researching for an international market.
    You will prepare a report for a real and current organisation, that is specifically focused on one of their brands or products (may also be a service), that analyses, based on research, the macro and micro environment in a totally new international marketplace for the business. The report will provide a foundation for your marketing plan and later assessments. Your lecturer can assist you with your choice of organisation.
    The report should be detailed but concise. Therefore you need to identify relevant research and undertake focused analysis, whilst applying appropriate international marketing frameworks and concepts. This is a professional report and should be treated as a document that would be presented to management. The report therefore requires that an appropriate structure should be applied and headings utilised. Word count is 1800 words. Refer to the assessment criteria sheet for further guidance as to how to approach the task.
    The use of theory

    • It is important that international marketing/ international business journals be utilised in addition to the text for a high grade in this report.
    • Application of international marketing concepts and frameworks with appropriate referencing (Harvard) is required.
    • In utilising theory it is important to display appreciation of differing internal and external environments for the organisation/product under analysis.

    Suggested structure: (suggested word counts are guidelines only).

    1. Executive Summary (not included in the word count).


    1. Table of Contents (not included in the word count)


    1. Introduction (c. 50 words)
      1. Purpose & scope


    1. Company background (c.200– 300 words)
      1. Briefly outline the company & the background to their success in their domestic market.
      2. Outline the company s organisational resources/capabilities/expertise (i.e. Financial, Human, Technological etc.) identifying what you see as organisational strengths and potential weaknesses.


    1. Market selection (c. 1250 words)
      1. Research and analysis of target international country/city market macro environment (PESTLE).
      2. Research and analysis of the target market including consumers (or business customers if B2B) and market segments as well as a competitor analysis (micro environment).


    1. Conclusions (c.100 words)


    1. Recommendations (c.50 words…bullet point ok).


    1. List of references (not included in word count).

    Some high quality journals you might include in your research:

    • Journal of International Marketing
    • Journal of International Business Studies
    • International Marketing Review
    • International Business Review
    • Journal of Small Business Management

    Starting points:

    • Using Google Scholar and saving your library settings to the ‘USC Library’ will allow you to gain access to the journal articles required for this assessment.


    • Contact the Library team to get support in terms of accessing USC research resources available to you.


    • Use “Summers and Smith Communication Skills Handbook” (any recent edition) for referencing and report writing/structure.


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