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    The report hereby seeks to communicate the proposed implementation of an integrated market communication plan for black mores limited. Black mores limited is an Australian based natural health care company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements. The company is providing its services in a number of countries throughout the world. At present, the market for company’s products is showing a decline thus the following IMC plan seeks to acknowledge behavioral models for the company’s products and at the same time helps in the developments of objectives. The development of plan on the basis of such objectives and the implementation of marketing communication strategies will enable the black mores limited in fulfilling its objectives for its integrated communication plan.

    Under this campaign, a great deal of research has been done to recognize as well as utilize the strengths, weaknesses, threats and the opportunities of black mores limited to prepare communication plan beneficial for the company. The plan basically involves the marketing objectives, target audience segment analysis, IMC objectives, a detailed media plan involving creative marketing, media and public relation strategies. Moreover the evaluation of the overall integrated plan has also been done towards the end of the report in order to determine its efficiency and success rate in the market.


    As stated earlier the company black mores limited is a leading natural health company rooted in Australia. The company beneath its natural health brand deals in a variety of products including vitamins, minerals, herbal as well as nutritional supplements. Moreover the sustained support of community and environment is one the strong reason why company is considered as a trusted brand in natural health products.

    VISION: The Company endeavors to make difference in everything from its products and services to the commitment towards environment sustainability.

    MISSION: To ameliorate people’s lives by delivering them world’s best natural health solutions and to become their first choice in health care.

    PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The Company came into existence some 80 years ago. At present company has a range of 250+ vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements prepared with using high quality ingredients. The company along with offering a range of products also engaged in offering various innovative services including naturopathy advisory service, health and well-being services through their websites and supports their retail partners by providing training and education services also.


    The vitamin and supplement manufacturing industry is assumed to grow over 5 years through 2016-17. The industry has shown considerable growth due to rising expenses on supplements and improved export opportunities for such supplements. The products and services of black mores limited are consumed by a large number of consumers within as well as outside Australia. But talking about market for dietary supplements, there is an intense competition within Australia. The major competitors include swisse, cenovis, GNC live well, nature’s way, herron etc. Such a competitive environment in addition to size of Australian market denotes the limited growth potentials in the Australian market. The following diagram shows the competitive situation in Australian market:-


    Thus it can be said that Black more marketing strategy or objectives has been:

    – To retain their market share with the use of important means such as advertising as well as channel promotions.

    – Capturing increased market share by increasing its online presence.

    – Availing new sustainable product ranges.

    – Growth and optimization of its channels.

    – Developing their core product portfolio.

    – Investment for development in their people

    – Achieving operational excellence etc.



    As per the recent market situation, it has become clear that the company black mores limited was enjoying great market position but from last few years, the market for its products has shown a considerable fall. As the company has most of its customers within Australia, it is important on the part of its managers to develop strategy in order to capture more market within Australia. Being a well-known brand in Australia, it is important to clearly prepare marketing strategy as the competition for nutritional supplements is increasing every year in Australia. The major communication objectives for the company black mores limited include the following:

    1) Creating general brand awareness and quality of black mores limited amongst its target audience and leveraging its asset value in the market.

    2) Initiating new product range and taking it to the preference level as well as purchasing positions of the targeted audience through recognition of the hierarchy of effect model within integrated marketing communication campaign.

    3) Developing as well as maintaining long term customer relationship with new as well as already existing customers through means such as sales promotions, bonuses or discounts and most importantly through consistent and strategic IMC plan that will help in communication company’s brand positioning, commitment as well as point of difference to the targeted audience and to alienate any chances of brand deflection.



    From the recent few years, the trend of using online media for the purpose of promoting or advertising product by well-known companies has been increased considerably. The only reason behind such instinctive use is the coverage of comparatively larger customer base followed by reduced cost. The company Black more limited is going to use online media as the prominent promotional tool for this marketing campaign. Such online media marketing is quite effective as well as affordable and mainly includes social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, pinterest, you tube, twitter etc. All these media platforms can be used for free but in case of getting additional facilities to advertise your products, the platforms also comes with advanced plans which are paid in nature and can be customized as per the personal marketing needs of the company.


    Although this method of promotion is quite expensive as compared to other methods yet it is the most effective one. The method mainly includes broadcasting advertisements of the company’s products through various popular television channels as well as hoardings on the road to attract more and more people. The company black mores is engaged in such advertising through channels and hoardings, although it is the means of one sided communication only.


    The next significant means of promotion for the black mores limited is through printed media. It again covers wide area of customer base on one hand and quite catchy on the other. This type of media strategy is also one sided and mainly includes means such as newspaper, magazines or templates, brochures etc.


    The next important marketing and promotional tool for the company Black more limited will be through organizing small events in shopping malls, exhibitions, fairs and other crowded places to attract more and more people towards their products. Through such means of promotion, the company executives can directly reach to its targeted customers and at the same time can also have access to their frequent valuable feedback. Although the coverage of such media is quite restrictive yet it is effective out of the involvement of two way communication.


    In order to get the most out of the integrated marketing campaign, it is necessary on the part of managers to identify the STP i.e. segmentation, targeting as well as positioning for the company black more limited. The company has market for its products in Australia and in some well known Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and china etc. The products of the company are easily available in 1100 retail outlets followed by online shopping facility in most of the countries throughout the world.  The company more or less caters to the needs of almost all segments of market ranging from pregnant women to adults to children and specially senior citizens. 

    SEGMENTATION– xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    TARGETING– xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    – POSITIONING– xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    It is important on the part of the company to evaluate the integrated marketing communication campaign throughout its working to ensure that the plan is effective and is serving the needs for which it is applied. Or in simple words the campaign needs to be evaluated at the beginning, while it is working and lastly at the end of the campaign to determine its effectiveness. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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