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7902AFE- Bachelors of commerce- Economics- monopolistic competition – Concept of price and elasticity- Economics assignment help

Code – 7902AFE Assignment Help Subject – Bachelors of commerce- Economics- monopolistic competition – Concept of price and elasticity- Economics assignment help This assessment task is based on the concept of price & elasticity. There are two questions that are listed in the paper. Just read the two questions carefully and frame the most appropriate answers to it. 7902AFE- Bachelors of commerce- Economics- monopolistic competition – Concept of price and elasticity- Economics assignment help We deliver robust 7902AFE- Bachelors of commerce- Economics- monopolistic competition – Concept of price and elasticity- Economics assignment help Many learners put relentless hours of work in…


7902AFE Business Economics – Monopolistic Competition – Concept of Price Elasticity

Code: 7902AFE Subject: Business Economics Task Question-1 “In the monopolistic competition, a few firms sell differentiated products” Explain this statement by highlighting important features of this kind of a market. Substantiate your answer by a live example. Also explain how the equilibrium in this kind of a market is different from a long run equilibrium under perfect competition. Question-2 Complete the hypothetical table below and explain in brief, the behaviour of each type of cost. Question-3 a) What are the practical uses of the concept of price elasticity of demand for different stakeholders in the production process? b) Distinguish between the shift…


MBS686: Economics and Business Strategy Assignment Help

Code: MBS686 Subject: Economics and Business Strategy   Assessment   Assessment item Description Aligned Learning Outcomes Value Due 1.           Short Essay Concepts essay 1,2,3,4,5,6 15% 23/9/2019 2.           Project Research essay 1,2,3,4,5,6 35% 28/10/2019 3.           Final Examination Closed book 1,2,3,4,5,6 50% Assessment period Assessment details Assessments 1: Concepts Essay (15%) Choose any three concepts. Write a short essay defining and explaining the importance of each of the chosen concept. Each concept essay should not exceed 500 words (or 1500 words in total for the three concepts). Consumer equilibrium Income and substitution effects Marginal rate of substitution Backward bending labour supply curve Producer…


ECON2002 Principles of Economics Assignment Help

Subject Code and Title ECON2002 Principles of Economics Assessment 2 – Assignment (Research-Based) Length 1 500 Words (+-10%) Context: Assessment assesses students’ understanding of the macroeconomic variables of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation and unemployment and makes a comparative between nations. Instructions: Individual students are expected to prepare a 1 500 word research report which addresses the following: You are required to select any one group of countries from the table below. (a) Collect and tabulate information on the Nominal GDP of each of the countries (in Millions of the respective currency of the country), inflation rate and the unemployment rate…



TOPIC: Choose a firm that has a major presence in Australia. Define the market and identify the key competitors. Analyse the output market characteristics of this firm (e.g. perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly etc.). Justify your answer using real-time market data (e.g. market share, profits, sales etc.) for this industry in recent years. You should make use of the Herfindahl index and market concentration ratio for your justification. Next, assume ONE change in the market conditions (e.g. changes in cost of production, new entry or exit of firms in the industry, changes in government policy etc.). How will this change affect the…


BUECO5903 : Business Economics assignment help!

Business Economics BUECO5903   Question 1: Consider a macroeconomy was initially at equilibrium.  Using an aggregate demand and aggregate supply diagram model of the economy, graphically illustrate and discuss the short-run and long-run effects of the following events upon the economy: (a)  The imposition of a carbon tax upon local big polluting companies. (b)  An appreciation in the foreign exchange rate value of the economy’s currency. (c) The European economies all fall into recession (d) The country’s main exports fall in price while the goods the country imports from abroad rise in price          (2 marks)   Question  2:  2a. State the difference…


Principles of Economics ECON1008

Subject: Principles of Economics Code: ECON1008 word limit is 500 words “Lemon shortage and high demand for fresh fruit sends prices skyrocketing” Please read the article attached and answer the questions: 1. Using demand and supply model and assuming that lemons are sold in a perfectly competitive market, explain the reasons for the price of lemon to skyrocket. Please make sure you clearly explain the equilibrating process. [5 marks] 2. Clearly explain and illustrate the impact of the increase in the price of lemon on a substitute good for lemon. In your discussion provide an example and explain the equilibrating process…


Principles of Economics: ECON11026

Code: ECON11026 Subject: Principles of Economics Assessment 2 – Short Answer Questions Q1. Market structures chapter 5 (7 marks) (a) Draw graphs and explain why perfectly competitive firms’ are price takers? (2 mark) (b) Draw graphs and explain why perfectly competitive firms make short run loss, short run economic profit, and normal profits in the long run? (5 marks) Q2. Market structures chapter 5 (7 marks) (a) Why a firm is called a natural monopolist? Give examples, draw a graph and explain. (3.5 marks) (b) Is a profit maximising monopoly firm always technically efficient? Draw a graph and explain. (3.5 marks) Q3. Market…


BEA683 Economics for Managers: Group Assignment

Total Marks:                 20 marks Weight:                        15% of final marks Length:                        up to 1400 words Minimum price on alcohol Governments in Australia and around the world are considering implementing a minimum price (aka price floor) on alcohol. Your task is to use the Economic way of thinking learnt in class to formally explain the effect of the minimum price. You will need to consider the external effects (negative externalities) of alcohol consumption, the price elasticity of demand, and taxation (an alternative way of reducing alcohol production/consumption). To simplify analysis, please assume that alcohol is a single homogenous good. That is, do…


ECO501- Business economics !

Assessment item 5: Problem Question Task Assignment 5 consists of one problem question worth 10 marks. Before attempting this assignment you are expected to have read Text chapters 12, 13 and 14. You are encouraged to make use of additional sources. Sources used in your answer should be fully referenced in APA 6th style. Answer the following question ensuring that you apply economic principles or theory related to understanding the health of the economy and the need for government intervention to inform your analysis and support your decisions. Communicate your ideas with correct grammar, spelling and writing style and support your answer with diagrams and…