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A Simplified Remote Invocation Framework: Assignment help

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The Assignment 1 Specification and Marking Criteria A Simplified Remote Invocation Framework Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation, reference Chapter 5 of the textbook and Week-3 lecture) enables the local invocation and remote invocation use the same syntax to implement a generic remote server like the Compute Engine example in Week-3 lecture slides. However, Java RMI needs [...]

COIT20245: Lawn calculate Assignment 1

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Subject code: COIT20245 Subject title: Lawn calculate Weighting: 20% Assignment task Write a java console application for a lawn-mowing service for N lawns. N should be declared as a constant and it should be equal to the largest digit of your student ID number (e.g. if your ID number is S143261 then N should be equal to [...]