CBT601 Assessment 1 – A critique of leadership style

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    Learning Outcomes:

    In completion of this assessment, you will demonstrate that you are able to:
    • Critically reflect on the roles of leaders and managers within their own organisational context and consider the actions necessary for change to take place;
    • Critically examine the role that innovation, creativity and intrapreneurship can play within existing organisations and the dynamics that creates;
    • Explore the nature and challenge of change for organisations in different sectors and contexts and the impact of change on the workforce and the ways in which people respond to change;

    Using real-life examples, critically review at least THREE leadership styles, analysing the pros and cons of each style. Based on your analysis, suggest what you consider the most appropriate leadership style for a company/industry and location of your choice within the “Global South”.

    In this piece of work, you are expected to critically review at least three leadership styles, for example transformational, transactional, democratic, autocratic laissez-faire etc
    Examine their pros and cons

    Identify a leader for each of the styles you review
    Choose a company/industry within the global south and discuss the appropriate leadership style for your chosen company/industry. You must provide good and sufficient justification for your choice.

    Word limit:
    2,500 words +/– 10% (not including contents and reference list)

    An electronic copy is to be submitted to VLE by 18:00
    on Friday18th Nov. 2022

    Your paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
    The English must be clear and coherent using an appropriate style for a business report.

    Assessment will be undertaken using the rubric below.

    Final feedback and provisional grades will be available on VLE on or by Monday 5th Dec. 2022

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