CCS103 Counselling and Communication Skills

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    Task Summary

    This assessment requires listing and discussing selected behaviours and microskills required to form and maintain a professional/collegial relationship with a work colleague. This is not a client-focused assessment.
    • Identify and define selected micro-skills essential to the professional/collegial relationship and with diverse communities. Explain the benefits that these skills bring to professional relationships and working within cultural diversity.
    • This assessment is designed to show the theoretical understanding of selected behaviours and microskills needed to establish and maintain effective communication in the professional/collegial relationship and working within cultural diversity.
    • Discussion on the necessity of the skills and their benefits to professional/collegial relationships underlies the appropriate application of each skill in a
    professional/collegial setting and in further assessment in this unit.
    Task Instructions

    Part A requires you to define the relevant and essential behaviours and micro skills presented in the curriculum during Modules 1-3.

    You are required to:
    a) Discuss the three essential behaviours and choose three other microskills that are needed to form a professional/collegial relationship and provide a clear definition of each (approx. 300 words).
    b) Describe how and why each behaviour or microskill is fundamental to creating a professional/collegial relationship (approx. 300 words).
    c) Explain how these micro-skills and behaviours might be used differently when working within culturally diverse populations and provide at least one example using a specific culture (approx. 300 words).
    To prepare for this assessment, it is important that you have read and integrated the curriculum presented in Modules 1-3 and completed all the learning material. Whilst a formal writing structure (e.g., introduction, main body, conclusion) is not necessary, in-text citation and a reference list are required. Inclusion of at least two references in APA style is essential to achieve a passing grade in this assessment. Use of the first person is acceptable in answering the second part of the question however it should not be used when referring to the literature.

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