CF969-7-SP-CO Big Data for Computational Finance

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    Big Data for Computational Finance Assignment help

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    Part I (55%): Report on Machine Learning in Finance
    You are asked to write a report on one (1) recent research paper in applications of machine learning for computational finance from the following list:
     “Learning to simulate realistic limit order book markets from data as a World Agent” by A. Coletta, A. Moulin, S. Vyetrenko, and T. Balch.
    Available at:
     “FinRL: Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework to Automate Trading in Quantitative Finance” by X.-Y.Liu et al.
    Available at:
     “Deep Learning Statistical Arbitrage” by J. Guijjaro-Ordonez, M. Pelger, and G. Zanotti.
    Available at:
     “Trading via Selective Classification” by N. Chalkidis and R. Savani.
    Available at:
     “Trading with the Momentum Transformer: An Intelligent and Interpretable Architecture” by K. Wood, S. Giegerich, S. Roberts, and S. Zohren.
    Available at:
     “Deep learning with long short-term memory networks for financial market predictions” by T. Fischer and C. Krauss.
    Available at:
     “A deep learning framework for financial time series using stacked autoencoders and long-short term memory” by W. Bao, J. Yue , and Y. Rao.
    Available at:
     “Forecasting CPI Inflation Components with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Networks” by O. Barkan et al.
    Available at:
     “Event prediction within directional change framework using a CNN-LSTM model” by A. Rostamian and J. O’Hara.
    Available at:
     “Ascertaining price formation in cryptocurrency markets with Deep Learning” by F. Fang, W. Chung, C. Ventre, M. Basios, Leslie Kanthan, L. Lid, and F. Wu.
    Available at
     “FinBERT: A Pre-trained Financial Language Representation Model for Financial Text Mining” by Z. Liu, D. Huang, K. Huang, Z. Li, and J. Zhao. Available at:
     “The Efficient Hedging Frontier with Deep Neural Networks” by Z. Gong, C. Ventre, and J. O’Hara.

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