COIS13034 Cloud Based Smart Application Management

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    COIS13034 Cloud Based Smart Application Management Assignment Help

    Code – COIS13034

    This assignment is based on the case study”DTGOV”. The task is to prepare an initial power point presentation briefing about the DTGOV board. The briefing must be divided into 3 sections and the points to be discussed in these sections are IaaS web server trial, Office 365 and Share point. Format to be followed in the document is given in the question file. The presentation must be in the MS PowerPoint format. Use calibre or similar fonts in 11 or 12 point type. The diagrams and images must be embedded into the slide deck. The text should be left justified. Each and every slide must either have footer or a header of the student’s name and number. The page number must be depicted in the footer of each and every slide except that of the title. References must be in APA 6th edition style.


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