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    Code- COIT12207
    Subject : Internet Applications

    Two years ago, then college students Sam and Ben started their own watch company – Motion Watches. They were tired of seeing watches selling for hundreds of dollars in jewellery stores and thought there must be a cheaper way – and they found it. By buying direct from the manufacturer – and then selling online, they were able to cut out the middleman and bring watches straight to their clients at a fraction of the cost.
    They were very successful. So successful in fact, that they need to completely redesign their website from the ground up. This is where you come in. They need you to build this new website. They sell a variety of watches, as well as watch related items.
    Your implementation should be developed using Bootstrap 4 and the techniques you have learned in this course.
    Your website should demonstrate basic design principles and your knowledge of Bootstrap. You are required to incorporate the following elements into your site:
     One or a combination of navigation components chosen from Navs, Navbar and/or breadcrumbs
     Table
     Button
     Static alert
     Form
     Cards
     Popover or Tooltip
     Clickable Card (accordion)
     Carousel
     Modal dialog
    Your site should have at least:
    1. An index page to display popular products (at least four)
    2. A search bar to search for a product
    3. ONE product details page to display relevant information of a chosen product and a button on that page for the customer to add that product to their shopping cart
    NOTE: You do NOT need a product details page for every product.
    4. A link to register as a new customer and a page for registration
    5. A thank you page after the user submits a registration form
    6. A footer containing your name and student number on every page
    COIT12207 Assignment 1
    All pages need to be responsive and mobile friendly (make use of Bootstraps grid system and responsive classes).
    You should demonstrate your styling abilities by overriding default bootstrap styles where you see fit (you must do this at least twice – with two different components). You must also make use of at least one inline style, one style tag on page, and one style in custom style sheet (css).
    What you must submit
    You are required to submit a single zipped file (.zip) containing all your project folders and files.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Where does the information on the products come from?
    Answer: You are required to make up sample products for your website, including name, description, and a photo.
    2. Where do photos for the site come from?
    Answer: You may search the internet for photos or use your own. A reference for the photo is nice to have, but not required for this assignment.
    3. Does the search bar need to be functional?
    Answer: No.
    4. Do we need to store or deal with the details entered in the registration form?
    Answer: No. Users should simply be taken to the thank you page after completing the form.
    5. Does the site need a working shopping cart?
    Answer: No. All you need is an ‘Add to Cart’ button – it does not have to do anything.
    If something has not been covered in Weeks 1-4, then you will not be assessed on it. You should be able to complete the assignment by using the details from Hands-on Projects in Weeks 1-4.
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