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100 AUD – COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching

Code – COIT20261 Assignment Help Subject – Network Routing and Switching Assignment Help   Question 1 – Address usage                                                                         (3 marks)   Consider the following classless address in a given block:   Answer the following questions:   a) What is the network address of the block? (1 mark) b) What is the direct broadcast address on that network? (1 mark) c) How many addresses are available as host addresses? (1 mark) Show ALL the steps that you have taken to arrive at your answer Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block                                            (8 marks)   A company has been granted…



Assessment 1: Reviewing Journal Article  Code: MITS4004 Subject: THE JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how research is conducted and reported in Information Technology related fields. You are asked to read a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal in the field of Advance Networking and Communication Systems. Articles of this type will typically report on original research or replications of previously conducted experiments, or they will be literature reviews in which the author(s) present the results of a literature search on a specific topic. In the latter case, the article will usually be a…


MITS5501 Software Quality, Change Management and Testing Assignment Help

Code: MITS5501 Subject: Software Quality, Change Management and Testing Presentation and Participation – 10% (weeks 5-11) For this component, you will be required to do a 5-10 minute presentation on an academic paper on Software Quality, Software Change Management or Software Testing. The paper you select must be directly relevant to these 3 topics. The paper can be from any academic conference or other relevant Journal or online sources such as Google Scholar, Academic department repositories etc… All students must select a different paper, thus the paper must be approved by your lecturer or tutor before proceeding. In case two students are…


ITECH1102 Networking and Security | Assignment Help Online

Content Analysis Assignment Overview: Major aims of this assignment are: To help students gaining good understanding of ITECH1102 theoretical and practical material. To encourage students using content analysis summaries to prepare for tests and examinations, and to help them understanding the theoretical concepts. To encourage students conducting independent investigations of networking related topics from books and the Internet, and through practical investigation. Engagement with this assignment will help students preparing for laboratory and theory tests and final examination. Timelines and Expectations: Students are required to analyse material of weekly lectures from weeks 1 to 8 and create concise content analysis summaries…


ITNET202A – Enterprise Security major assignment

ITNET202A -Enterprise Security report   Length: Minimum of 2500 words (Max of 3000 words) excluding a cover page, tables, and references. Purpose of this assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to support the following unit Learning Outcomes (LO) for this unit: 1. Analyze and synthesize information security issues in modern organizations. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, threats, and vulnerabilities associated with various IT environments. 3. Demonstrate the concepts, principles, and techniques relating to the security of information. 4. Evaluate the importance of information to organizations and society in general. 5. Identify the ethical and legal issues associated…


ICT285 Databases Assignment Help

Chester Merrythought is pleased with your work so far and has asked you to go on to implement your design. However, like so many clients, she wants to make some changes to the requirements, some of which have become evident as the venture continues to grow in popularity. Chester’s additional requirements are as follows: • Chester has decided to move the toys in the ‘sports and activities’ category, currently housed on the ground floor of her Fremantle house, to her friend Henley’s house in White Gum Valley, where there is more space. The location of a toy will continue to be…


Software Engineering- Circumstances that break down an overall design

In this assignment, you have to answer a question” Under what circumstances the overall design would be broken down for including individual user views”. You have to illustrate examples from either the workplace or class assignments. Frame most appropriate answer to the question. Our customer support system actually works round the clock for scholars: The software engineering is actually the application of a highly systematic approach for the development, operation, maintenance and study of all such approaches which deals with application of engineering to the software. Sometimes learners face difficulty in solving the subject projects and in that case they seek…


Basic Computer Science- Question regarding the project or ongoing operation assignment help

In this assessment task, learner has to describe one or two of the current work assignments & also determine whether they are the projects or ongoing operations. You also need to document the reasons for describing the assignments as a project or an ongoing operation. Our company has set a benchmark with its top class homework help service The Computer Science is actually a discipline or a practice which encompasses the indulgent & designing of the computers as well as the computational functions. It is actually a study of all procedures which combine the data. It sets up the utilization of…


ANL251 Python Programming End of course Assessment

Find a news article (that is of interest to you) from any trusted sources published in the last month. Formulate a research question in order to support, object to, or expand on the claim(s) in the selected news article. Find two (2) or more publicly accessible datasets on the web which can be used to answer your research question. You may need to go through the following tasks (a)-(d) multiple times in order to arrive at a meaningful research question and findings. (a) Identify the key claim(s) in the selected news article. Identify two (2) or more datasets that are publicly…


ITECH1400 Fundamentals of Programming

Assignment 1 – Sonnets and Doublets Python Assignment Overview In this assignment you will have the opportunity to test your Python skills in exploring and manipulating text. Throughout the assignment you are expected to apply the principles of problem solving that we have already discussed in this course. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% Due: 5 pm Friday, 13 Sept 2019 (week 7) Minimum time expectation: 20 hours Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: Knowledge: K1. Identify and use the correct syntax of a common programming language. K2. Recall and use…

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