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CIS5309- Management of business networks & cloud computer science assignment help

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Code- CIS5309 assignment help Subject- Computer science assignment help Industry research paper 1 – First assignment specification Due date: See your study Desk Value: 25% Structure: Industry research paper Objectives copy document of objectives: The course objectives met by this assignment include: • Course specifications are available online from the USQ website <>. Always check the [...]

EEE6006- The electric grid is dependent upon computer based control systems Smart grids & cyber security IT assignment help

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Code –   EEE6006 Assignment Help Subject – IT Assignment Help The electric grid is highly dependent on computer-based control systems. These systems are increasingly connected to open networks such as the internet, exposing them to cyber risks. Any failure of our electric grid, whether intentional or unintentional, would have a significant and potentially devastating impact on [...]

COIT20253 Business Intelligence using Big Data – Assignment 1- Written Assessment

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Subject Code: COIT20253 Subject Name: COIT20253 Business Intelligence using Big Data Due Date: Friday, 24 April  2020, 11:45 PM AEST Weighting: 35% Assessment Task: This is an individual assessment. In this assessment, you are required to choose one of the following industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Retailing, Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, or Travel. This assessment consists of two parts as [...]

ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing – Assignment 2 (Team Presentation) & 3 (Team Research Report)

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Subject Code: ITECH7406 Subject Name: ITECH7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing  2.Team Presentation (10%) Duration: 15 Minutes Due: In Scheduled Tutorial(Week 10) 3.Team Research Report (10%) Word Count: 3500 words Due: Friday, 29 May 2020 -17:00 (Week 11) There are new and exciting developments that are taking place in the Business Intelligence literature that is constantly [...]

ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design Assignment Help

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Case Study: TFW Logistics Founded in the UK in 1989, TFW Packages started as a small delivery service that gave fast and personal courier options for the delivery of small to medium packages within a 100-mile radius of London. Operating in a very competitive industry with various national and international competitors, TFW Packages pursued a strategy [...]


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Assessment 1: Reviewing Journal Article  Code: MITS4004 Subject: THE JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how research is conducted and reported in Information Technology related fields. You are asked to read a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal in the field of Advance Networking and Communication Systems. Articles of [...]

MITS5501 Software Quality, Change Management and Testing Assignment Help

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Code: MITS5501 Subject: Software Quality, Change Management and Testing Presentation and Participation - 10% (weeks 5-11) For this component, you will be required to do a 5-10 minute presentation on an academic paper on Software Quality, Software Change Management or Software Testing. The paper you select must be directly relevant to these 3 topics. The paper can [...]

ITNET202A – Enterprise Security major assignment

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ITNET202A -Enterprise Security report   Length: Minimum of 2500 words (Max of 3000 words) excluding a cover page, tables, and references. Purpose of this assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to support the following unit Learning Outcomes (LO) for this unit: 1. Analyze and synthesize information security issues in modern organizations. 2. Demonstrate an understanding [...]

Software Engineering- Circumstances that break down an overall design

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In this assignment, you have to answer a question” Under what circumstances the overall design would be broken down for including individual user views”. You have to illustrate examples from either the workplace or class assignments. Frame most appropriate answer to the question. Our customer support system actually works round the clock for scholars: The software [...]

Basic Computer Science- Question regarding the project or ongoing operation assignment help

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In this assessment task, learner has to describe one or two of the current work assignments & also determine whether they are the projects or ongoing operations. You also need to document the reasons for describing the assignments as a project or an ongoing operation. Our company has set a benchmark with its top class homework [...]