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Software Engineering- Circumstances that break down an overall design

In this assignment, you have to answer a question” Under what circumstances the overall design would be broken down for including individual user views”. You have to illustrate examples from either the workplace or class assignments. Frame most appropriate answer to the question. Our customer support system actually works round the clock for scholars: The software engineering is actually the application of a highly systematic approach for the development, operation, maintenance and study of all such approaches which deals with application of engineering to the software. Sometimes learners face difficulty in solving the subject projects and in that case they seek…


Basic Computer Science- Question regarding the project or ongoing operation assignment help

In this assessment task, learner has to describe one or two of the current work assignments & also determine whether they are the projects or ongoing operations. You also need to document the reasons for describing the assignments as a project or an ongoing operation. Our company has set a benchmark with its top class homework help service The Computer Science is actually a discipline or a practice which encompasses the indulgent & designing of the computers as well as the computational functions. It is actually a study of all procedures which combine the data. It sets up the utilization of…


ANL251 Python Programming End of course Assessment

Find a news article (that is of interest to you) from any trusted sources published in the last month. Formulate a research question in order to support, object to, or expand on the claim(s) in the selected news article. Find two (2) or more publicly accessible datasets on the web which can be used to answer your research question. You may need to go through the following tasks (a)-(d) multiple times in order to arrive at a meaningful research question and findings. (a) Identify the key claim(s) in the selected news article. Identify two (2) or more datasets that are publicly…


ITECH1400 Fundamentals of Programming

Assignment 1 – Sonnets and Doublets Python Assignment Overview In this assignment you will have the opportunity to test your Python skills in exploring and manipulating text. Throughout the assignment you are expected to apply the principles of problem solving that we have already discussed in this course. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% Due: 5 pm Friday, 13 Sept 2019 (week 7) Minimum time expectation: 20 hours Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: Knowledge: K1. Identify and use the correct syntax of a common programming language. K2. Recall and use…


Network Programming-Write Java Network Programming codes for both client and server system

PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability of the student to write Java network programming codes for both client and server system. REQUIREMENT: Question: Students need to follow the instructions given below in sequence (important): 1.Install Java SE8 ( 2.Install Eclipse IDE (2019-03) to develop the client and server programs ( 3.Install GlassFish server ( Start the GlassFish server. 4.Write the Java codes in the Eclipse IDE to produce the following output: (Connecting the client to the localhost server) Figure 1 (Connecting the localhost server to the client using socket server). Maybe different output if the client port…



Assignment Description: For this assignment you will evaluate two Network Security Software. Marks will be awarded based on the sophistication and the difficulties the demonstration explored. Our task is to complete and make a 6-7 min video presentation on the following: 1.Download and install (on your computer or on MIT Virtual box) any two of the Security Tool from Table 1. 2.Outline of your presentation (should include description of the tools). (1 Marks) 3.Demonstrate (narration of your actions recorded by video) 4 tasks that each of the software/security tools can perform. Your demonstration should include: ORDER NOW: 1.Discussion on the threats…


Introduction to Linux coursework writing questions

Unix was created in 1969 at AT&T’s Bell Labs. Above the PC level, Unix was a common OS in 1991. The long history of Unix was complex and it involved multiple forks such as splitting of the code into two or more independent projects, and even entirely separate code had been rewritten. Some of these had led to the creation of modern Linux systems. In addition, these modern Linux systems were, by and large, the product of open source projects that clone Unix programs, or of original open source code projects for Unix generally. 1.Compared to DOS and the Windows of…



Code – COIT20271 Assignment Help Subject – MOBILE GAME DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT HELP   Game concept document (6 marks): Type of the game e.g. racing game, shooting game, strategy game etc. Single player or multi-player game Rules of the game such as Game objectives Winning and losing conditions What the players can/cannot do Game difficulty levels Challenges that prevent the players from achieving their goals Game environment and context Why it is a good mobile game (1 paragraph) Hint: research what make a good mobile game Intended audience Game design document (6 marks): Functional requirements List functions that the game will have Non-functional requirements…


ANL251 Python Programming-Tutor Marked Assignment –SUSS

(a) Describe the necessary user input to your program using the following table format. Choose the appropriate data type to store each user input. Explain your choices. Provide the screenshot of your Python code ONLY for prompting and storing user inputs. (15 marks) (b) Draw a flowchart to show the steps and briefly describe the logical program flow for calculating the interest earned from the input information. (15 marks) (c) Apply your Python programming skills to write a program named “”. Ensure that you do not change this program file name. Your program shall calculate the total interest earned per month….


COIT20253 – Business Intelligence using Big Data Assignment Help

Code – COIT20253 Assignment Help Subject – Business Intelligence using Big Data  Assignment Help   COIT20253 Assessment 1: Written Assessment Weighting: 35% Assessment Task:      This is an individual assessment. In this assessment, you are required to choose one of the following businesses: Healthcare, Insurance, Retailing, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Travel. You will need to prepare a report on how Big Data could create opportunities and help value creation process for your chosen business.   In this report, you will describe what new business insights you could gain from Big Data, how Big Data could help you to optimise your business,…

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