Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management

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    When preparing for your assessment, please take note of the following;

    Always draw on evidence from the case to support your analysis and conclusions. Using evidence without analysis will amount to describing what has happened in the case and will not gain many marks.

    Try to keep your answers to report format. Write in sections which reflect the major elements of your analysis.
    It is critically important that if you use information from the case or theory from academic texts, you must reference it appropriately. Any direct quotations from the text should be used sparingly
    – these must be placed in quotation marks and referenced in the same way.
    Use no more than 10 good references.

    The case ends in 2013 and you should answer the questions in terms of the information presented in the case up to this time. As a result, you should not include generic references on POLARIS INDUSTRIES from the internet or from sources, other than those contained in the case and from its own website.
    Assessment 1 = via Turnitin on Moodle — FRI 24 MARCH
    Target Length: +/- 10%
    2500 words

    You are NOT required to submit a paper copy of this assignment.
    Assignments submitted after the deadline without an agreed extension will be penalised according to the University Regulations.

    The word limit excludes the cover sheet, figures/tables, references and appendices. Where a submission exceeds the stated word limit, the maximum grade awarded will be P1. Appendices can be used to provide additional raw information from your analysis, so long as the analysis itself is incorporated into the main body of the assignment.
    You may upload your assignment as many times as you wish before the deadline, using the Draft Assessment Checking Facility. It is recommended that you do so at least once in order to check your Turnitin score – this is a helpful way of making sure that you have used references appropriately. Bear in mind that during busy periods Turnitin may experience delays in generating scores. Assignments submitted to the checking facility will not be marked. To make your final submission, use the Final Assessment Submission Link.

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