COU103A Human Development Across the Life Span

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    Human Development Across the Life Span Assignment help

    Assessment Description: Essay (Reflective Paper)

    Select a developmental period in your own life such as toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence or any other period and analyse it with reference to at least two major theorists in develop‐ mental psychology. Include all of the following: an overview of your selected developmental period ‐ please discuss the key events or milestones experienced at this time. a discussion of the key aspects of each of the theories you have chosen to discuss an analysis of the period you have selected in light of each of the two theories following this analysis and discussion, write a reflection on your personal responses and experiences in relation to the significant period in your own life.
    Your Reflective Essay should:

    1. Name the period you are choosing and include an overview of this time.
    2. Discuss key aspects of each of the major developmental theories
    3. Analyse the period or event with reference to the major developmental period.
    4. Reference to current literature and integration of relevant theory into your discussion

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