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    This module provides students with the skills to acquire and distil knowledge so that they are fully prepared to undertake applied research at master’s level in general and in diverse areas in Information Systems and Computing, in particular. Students will be able to come up with appropriate research ideas and to use appropriate data collection and statistical methods and tools to support them. A range of research methodologies and strategies are discussed in helping students prepare a research proposal for their dissertation. The assessment of the module prepares the student for the delivery of a dissertation proposal. You will be assigned a prospective dissertation supervisor who will support you on a one to one basis throughout the duration of the module and who will help you prepare a viable and quality research proposal for your dissertation.

    This module will
    • Assist students in the various stages involved in undertaking a substantial and independent research project at MSc level, including choosing research topic, finding supervisor, writing research proposal, conducting literature review, developing research method and strategy, writing MSc dissertation, etc.
    • Enable students to plan and undertake research in various areas of computing subject.
    • Provide a deep and systematic understanding of the nature and conduct of research.
    • Enhance students’ abilities to develop research strategies and methodologies.
    • Develop students’ skills to critically understand research findings from the literatures of your research areas or topics
    • Enhance students ability to identify and plan the development of transferable research skills This module is a pre-requisite for the MSc dissertation. Students need to pass this module before taking up their dissertation.
    Learning outcomes to be assessed
    On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
    1. LO1 Demonstrate a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the nature of research as well as research techniques and skills
    2. LO2 Critically review and analyse academic papers at the forefront of current research and advanced scholarship in their research areas, and present reasoned arguments for or against the research topic under study

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