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    This task will focus strongly on the work you did in Community Health Project 1 (CHP1). You will need to go back to your final Project Plan from CHP1, as it forms the basis of this assessment and others throughout Community Health Project 2.

    For this Assessment: Critical Review, you will evaluate the Project Plan you created for CHP1, and critically review its strengths and weaknesses. Note that this task is all about evaluation. You will not be assessed on the quality of your Project Plan itself, as this was done in CHP1. Rather, you will be assessed on whether you can refine and evaluate the project’s elements and make relevant recommendations for further improvement.

    You will prepare a 1200-word critical review which must be structured as follows (please use the Portfolio Task 1: Template provided):

    1. Introduction (200 words)
      Introduce the critical review and outline its purpose. Briefly introduce your Project Plan and state the criteria against which you will be evaluating it (various review criteria are discussed in the course).
    2. Summary of Project Plan (300 words)
      Provide a detailed summary of your Project Plan, outlining the key elements and establishing clear context (for whom, what and why).
    3. Critique of Project Plan and recommendations for refinement (600 words)
      Critically evaluate each element of the Project Plan in relation to the criteria you established in your introduction. Analyse the Project Plan using concepts introduced in the course and associated literature. Based on your review and evaluation, include any recommendations of further refinement. Recommendations should follow on logically from the evaluation and analysis, and be supported by evidence.
    4. Conclusion (100 words)
      Conclude your review by summarising the evaluation and the key recommendations that were generated from this.
    5. References
      You must provide at least six references to support your choice of review criteria and analysis. Focus on the quality of these sources, and favour peer-reviewed sources. Use the UniSA Harvard Referencing style for in-text references and your reference list for ALL material which is not your own.
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