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    Module Summary

    The module offers each student the opportunity to reflect on their own qualities as an emergent leader and/or manager, and to consider how to develop themselves to successfully lead their future practice. The overall aim of the module is to develop leaders with the confidence and skills to become a competent and reflective leader.

    Assessment Information- This module will be assessed via two assessments: CW1 Individual 15 min voice recorded presentation and CW2 PDP (Personal development plan). 

    • Coursework 1 – Individual Presentation (15 minutes voice recording with PowerPoint) covering LO’s 1- 2
    • Please place your full voice recording on the first slide of your presentation.

    Intended Module Learning Outcomes (LO’s)

    1. Identify and critically reflect upon own personal strengths and areas for improvement, applying theories and models to identify areas of personal development as an emergent leader, cognisant that the development of their leadership is relational and part of an ongoing process.
    2. Critically reflect on own values and qualities, evaluating these against the literature base of current healthcare leaders.

    Assessment Task

    Achievement of the intended module learning outcomes are assessed using an individual recorded presentation (15 minutes). All learning outcomes must be achieved to obtain a pass grade. This assessment accounts for 5 credits of your overall 20 credits for this module’s mark.

    Coursework 1: is a 15-minute individual audio recorded presentation. Ensure your recording is between 13 and a half to 16 and a half minutes and allow yourself equal time to address learning outcome one and two.

    At the end of your presentation, before the reference list slide, type out any two of these three set questions and answer these within your voiceover:

    1. What stakeholders could you ask for feedback to develop your leadership and management skills?
    2. Give an example of how you might develop one of the areas you have identified.
    3. How do you propose to measure your leadership and management development going forwards?

    Using the theories learned on the module and a model of reflection such as the Gibb’s Kolb, Driscoll model etc. the presentation should show critical reflection on your personal strengths and areas of development to identify areas for improvement from your own perspective and experiences.  A subsequent action plan developed from the analysis of your strengths and areas of development will enable you to become a successful future leader.  You will also critically reflect on your own values and qualities and evaluate this within the current literature on healthcare leaders and managers. In this presentation you are required to meet learning outcome 1 and 2.

    You can use tools such as SWOT analysis, Johari’s window, Skills Scan, Myer’s Brigg’s Test Indicator, Competency frameworks such as the NHS Leadership Framework  Link  and Model Link  or other professional tests, quizzes and activities to help you to reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, values, qualities, ethics and morals.

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