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    Subject Code and Title ECON2002 Principles of Economics

    Assessment 2 – Assignment (Research-Based)

    Length 1 500 Words (+-10%)


    Assessment assesses students’ understanding of the macroeconomic variables of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation and unemployment and makes a comparative between nations.


    Individual students are expected to prepare a 1 500 word research report which addresses the following:

    You are required to select any one group of countries from the table below.

    Screen Shot 1941-08-22 at 11.39.43 AM

    (a) Collect and tabulate information on the Nominal GDP of each of the countries (in Millions of the respective currency of the country), inflation rate and the unemployment rate for the years 2006 to 2018. Determine the nominal growth rate of GDP over the period. (15%)

    (b) Provide on a comparative basis a well-reasoned and supported comment on what has happened to economic growth in each of the countries chosen over the period 2006 to 2018. From your research provide reasons why such a pattern of economic growth occurred. (750 words) (25%).

    (c) Discuss how economic growth has influenced the inflation rate and the unemployment rate over the given period. (550 words) (20%).

    (Note that for the introduction and the conclusion the maximum number of words should be 200)

    In addition to the above, you will also be assessed on the following: (see marking Rubricat the end for more description of expectation).

    (d) Content audience and purpose (5%)

    (e) Critical reasoning, presentation and the logic of your argument and/or position (10%)

    (f) Analysis and Application with a synthesis of knowledge (10%)

    (g) Use of academic conventions and sources of evidence (5%)

    (h) Effective communication (5%)

    (i) Peer review (5%)


    Submission Instructions: This assignment must adhere to the following:

    1. This assignment must be prepared and submitted as a group of three (3) individuals.

    2. You must prepare a Business Report. Please ensure that a report format is adhered to as strictly as possible. Marks will be lost if any other format is used.

    3. Submit as a Word document properly referenced using the APA referencing style. Wikipedia and Investopedia not acceptable academic sources. Note that the Reference list, appendices and calculations are not included in word count.

    4. As the assessment is group work each member of the group will receive the same amount of marks regardless of which part of the assessment he/she contributed to.


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