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    A couple that has been living and working in the tourism industry
    overseas for the past ten years, are planning to return home to
    Australia, and more specifically the Country and Outback region
    of New South Wales in the next few months. Knowing that
    tourism is a vital contributor to the economy of the region, they are
    thinking that they would like to start their own business. You have
    been asked by the couple to provide an assessment of the region,
    and recommendation for a new business opportunity in the
    tourism sector. The business you propose can be an attraction,
    activity, tour provider or boutique accommodation, but you will
    need to demonstrate that there is a market for this business and
    that it fits with the overall strategic tourism objectives for the

    The current destination management plan (DMP) for the region
    can be found here

    Your task is to write a report that:

    ✓ Critically appraises the region, its current visitors, current experiential offerings and tourism infrastructure.
    ✓ Evaluates the strategic tourism objectives for the Queensland as a whole and the specific region objectives as per the DMP.
    ✓ Identifies a gap in the current experiential offering that is aligned with the DMP.
    ✓ Proposes a tourism business that would fill that gap. ✓ Identifies the specific target market/s, who they are, how you selected them and why you think they would be interested what your business has to offer.
    ✓ Identifies what key relationships/partnerships the business would need to be successful. ✓ Outlines specific goals for your business to achieve. ✓ Specifies how you would measure the success of your business in achieving the objectives of the region and long-term viability of its operations.
    The report must be well researched (based on relevant and reliable sources), and incorporate theories, management principles and the published strategies of tourism agencies that promote tourism and visitation to the Country and Outback region of New South Wales. It should be written in an academic style, approx. 3000 words in length (not including executive summary, reference list or any appendices).
    Be particularly careful to avoid plagiarism that is, passing other people’s work off as your own (academic theft). Penalties for plagiarism are heavy and may include failure in the course.

    The main criteria for success:

    1.Insight – The report should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the destination/attraction experiential services and qualities, and tourist/visitor motivation theory and the role of stakeholders in providing and managing this.

    2. Substantiation – The report should be underpinned by course material and additional readings around the topic.

    3.Clarity and structure – The report should be well structured and clearly presented

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