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    Assessment 1: Reflective Portfolio (100marks)

    As a newly appointed Human Resource trainee for (an organisation of your choice), you have been asked to review the effectiveness of the existing recruitment, selection and appraisal processes of the organisation.
    You are required to produce a Reflective Portfolio which will be used for the effective recruitment and selection of candidates for a particular role.
    1. As part of your portfolio you should PRODUCE documentation for the role of a product manager in the London area in your chosen organisation. The documents to include are:

    a). Creative advertisement for the role of a product manager. (5marks)

    b). Job analysis of the same job role:

    i. Job description (5marks)

    ii. Person specifications (5marks)

    c). Interview notes (Questions, comments, role, candidate name, date) (3marks)

    d). Job offer letter to the selected candidate (2marks)

    e). Design/Propose performance appraisal methods and criteria used to evaluate the performance of individuals. (10marks)

    f). Critically evaluate how using technology has changed the R&S process in the organisation during the last 10 years. (10marks)

    2). Write a short report critically evaluating the company’s approach to recruitment and selection and make any necessary recommendations for the effective improvement of the processes used. As part of your conclusion, reflect on your own work and that of your peer. (30marks)
    3). Select one of the issues and challenges associated with Performance management and people development. Critically evaluate approaches available to resolve the issue which are in line with recognised best practice. (30marks)
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