HRM101 Introduction to HR and Leadership

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    Week 2 Discussion


    1. What is HRM?

    2. What is its importance to an organisation?

    3. What is its importance to employees?

    Week 4 Discussion
    The main legislative act relating to employee relations and industrial relations in Australia is the Fair Work Act 2009. This has been supplemented and built on with the Fair Work Amendment Act 2017


    1. Describe four (4) key elements of the Fair Work Act

    2. Discuss how each of the above benefits either the employee or employer

    Week 6 Discussion
    It is essential to create a diversity-driven, productive workplace where employees from many cultures can perform at their full capacity while also leading fulfilling lives away from their work and career.


    1. Discuss what cultural factors come into play when introducing job sharing into organisations in an Australian context

    2. Discuss the benefits for employee and employer

    Week 8 Discussion


    1. Review at least two recruitment strategies (e.g. external recruitment consultant, LinkedIn, Facebook) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

    2. Provide additional comments on the privacy issues relating to the methods chosen above

    Week 10 Discussion


    1. Discuss the purpose performance appraisals serve within an organisation 2. How can HR manager ensure the experience of appraisals for employees is positive?

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