HRMT20024 Assessment 2: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment help

By reviewing the current literature in HRM, you are required to compile an Annotated
Bibliography of recent four peer‐reviewed journal articles. Hence, Assessment 2 will prepare
you for Assessment 3 (Report).

Step 1: Read the Assessment 3 (report) task description to understand requirements for
Assessment 3 as Assessment 2 is a designed to assist you in Assessment 3.

Step 2: Undertake research of the recent academic literature since 2012. Identify four (4)
academic peer‐reviewed journal articles relevant to Assessment 3. It is not a must for these
articles to be based on the sector (i.e., manufacturing or service) you have chosen for
Assessment 3. However, these articles must be aligned with at least three (3) of the unit
themes from Weeks 1 to 12 (e.g., the evolution of HRM, the context of HRM, industrial
relations or HR planning and work design challenges in a global environment).
It is recommended that you undertake your research via the online ‘search’ of CQUniversity

Library site. Some of the peer‐reviewed academic journals would include:

 Human Resource Management (US),
 Human Resource Management Journal (UK),
 International Journal of Human Resource Management,
 Personnel Review, and
 Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.

You cannot use the article from your Assessment 1 ‐ Presentation for Assessment 2.
Step 3: Write 500 words on each article (500 x 4= 2000 words). For each journal article,
write to the headings in the template. These include:

 Full reference of the article
 Outline of research objective and research questions
 Outline of the research method
 Findings and discussion
 Conclusion
 Indication of how this will be relevant for your final report (i.e., Assessment 3)

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