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    Code: HRMT20025

    Subject: International human resource management

    Assessment 1 Essay question

    You are the human resource manager of an international company in Australia. You have learned about a number of cross-cultural management studies, each with their own take or improvement on the dimensions or characteristics of culture. Pick a set from all the studies of the four dimensions which you find most relevant to HRM. Explain how each of your chosen dimensions would impact the human resource management of both expatriate managers and the host country nationals in your chosen foreign culture.

    Answer guide (see Textbook pp. 25-39)

    You will need to first choose a foreign culture (e.g., China, India, etc.)

    See this chapter’s revision questions (On Moodle under Week 2) for the possible culture dimensions to choose from. These include Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture (pp. 25-31); GLOBE’s eight cultural dimensions (P. 34), Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner (pp. 35-36) and Hall & Hall’s four cultural dimensions (pp. 36-37).

    Outline of possible response:

    Consider power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism vs. collectivism, assertiveness, and performance orientation. These dimensions impact IHRM in the following manner… Make your own version of Table to help organize your thinking. For each dimension, write how it can positively or negatively affect a chosen range of HR activities such as recruitment & selection, training & development, compensation, and performance management on the Expatriate managers and the host country nationals.

      power distance uncertainty avoidance individualism vs. collectivism assertiveness performance orientation
    Recruitment & selection +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s
    Training & development +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s
    Compensation +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s
    Performance management +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s +/-s

    Given the word limit, exercise your own judgement, identify and focus on profound and well-evidenced (grounded in academic literature) impact, not impact based on merely general knowledge/assumption.


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