HRMT20028 – Organisational Change Management Assignment

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    Code: HRMT20028

    Subject: Organisational Change Management

    Assessment 3 – Business Report

    Length: 2000 words +/‐ 10%


    This assessment aims to enhance students’ ability to apply theoretical knowledge to address a practical issue. It also gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their research, analysis, critical thinking, and written communication skills.


    Students will undertake an analysis of an organisational case study (made available in the unit Moodle site from Week 6 onward).

    Step one ‐ Review and analyse the most recent annual report of the case study company. A company annual report typically outlines the organisation’s performance, challenges, organisational strategy and governance arrangements. Review both the internal news and other media releases related to the company’s performance, leadership, human resources and changes. You are also encouraged to review other documents available on the company’s website to understand their performance and contributing factors.

    Step two ‐ Once you have reviewed and analysed the various information sources prepare a report which analyses the following issues. Use key change management models, concepts and theories as an analytical frame.

    a) Outline key changes and reforms that have already been implemented by the case study organisation.

    b) Identify the changes and strategies that have been proposed for future implementation.

    c) Discuss the key factors driving the need for change.

    d) Identify human resource development strategies that have been implemented and/or proposed by the case study organisation to overcome resistance to change.

    e) With reference to concepts and theories learnt in this unit, assess the case study organisation’s change management strategies and provide appropriate recommendations.

    Step three – Prepare a business report to include the following:

    Executive summary – which provides a synopsis and key recommendations of the report.

    The executive summary is not included in the word count.

    Introduction – which outlines the purpose and introduce the content.

    Report body – use appropriate sub‐headings to respond to a) to d) above.

    Recommendations – addressing e) above, provide specific recommendations to the issues highlighted in the body of the report.


    The assessment must include a minimum of 15 academic references including at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles. Should strictly follow APA 7 style of referencing.


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