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    ICT203 Human-Computer Interaction is a course that explores the relationship between people and computers, and how to design and develop computer systems that are effective, efficient, and enjoyable to use. The course covers a range of topics related to human-computer interaction, including:

    1. Introduction to HCI: The course provides an overview of HCI and its importance in the design and development of computer systems.
    2. Human factors: The course covers the psychological and social factors that affect human-computer interaction, including perception, memory, attention, and motivation.
    3. User-centered design: The course covers the principles of user-centered design, including user research, personas, scenarios, and prototyping.
    4. Interaction design: The course covers the design of user interfaces, including visual design, interaction design, and information architecture.
    5. Evaluation: The course covers the process of evaluating computer systems from a human-computer interaction perspective, including usability testing, heuristic evaluation, and user satisfaction.
    6. Emerging technologies: The course covers emerging technologies in human-computer interaction, such as virtual and augmented reality, mobile computing, and social media.

    Overall, ICT203 Human-Computer Interaction is essential for professionals who are involved in the design and development of computer systems. The course provides them with the skills and knowledge necessary to create computer systems that are easy to use, efficient, and effective. The course is particularly relevant to designers, developers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of computer systems.

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