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MNG03218 Managing Information Systems Assessment 2: Research Proposal

Code: MNG03218 Subject: Managing Information Systems Assessment 2: Research Proposal Length: 3,500 words Weighting: 35% Assignment topic The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to develop a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a systems approach. The proposal should be targeted at a potential ‘sponsor’ organisation that will need to be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system. Choose an information system (e.g., ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Portals, Data Warehouse & Data Mining Applications, Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, and so…


MNG03218 Managing Information Systems Assessment 1: Report

Code: MNG03218 Subject: Managing Information Systems Assessment 1: Report Length: 2,500 words Weighting: 25% For this assignment you will have to prepare a paper that critically discusses how organisations apply the strategic use of IS/IT to achieve IS/IT-enabled innovation (Note: you should try to focus on information systems rather than mobile apps and social media platforms & applications). Some aspects and issues you may discuss in your paper could include (but are not limited to): • Discuss at least 4 examples of the use of IS/IT for innovation. • Highlight some success factors or some lessons learned (i.e., what went wrong?) for your examples….


Learning for Future Careers – EDU10011: Assessment 2

Assessment 2: Case Length: 1000 words This assessment involves completing the following FOUR (4) tasks: TASK 1: Identify and describe an example of an ethical dilemma you have experienced or observed in a workplace. If you do not have a suitable workplace example then you must choose one of the scenarios posted on the EDU10011 MySCU learning site and describe it using your own words.   TASK 2: Discuss how your values may influence your reactions to this ethical dilemma. TASK 3: Identify the three (3) main ethical questions raised by this dilemma. Use scholarly references to critically analyse these questions and…


Project Methodology assignment help!

Task: In topics 1 & 2 you have been introduced to various project methodologies and processes. In 900 words, demonstrate your knowledge of these. Ensure you address the following areas and provide at least 6-8 appropriate references in APA style format: 1) Define what a project methodology is giving few definitions from various authors and the role it serves in project management.  2) Choose 1 methodology from this list to compare and contrast with methodology outlined by Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), analysing the similarities and differences between them both. List of project methodologies and processes:  PRINCE2 Agile XP Waterfall Agile Scrum…


COIT 12203 Workflow Analysis & Management Assignment Help

Assessment task  Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around workflow analysis & management within the frame of the four topics (Discovering Processes, Business Process Technologies, As-Is Workflow Modelling, and Process Characteristics and Process Implementation). To achieve this, you are to conduct a research of the Internet on the topics as listed at the top of this assessment detail. Search for items related to the topic. The items you may include in the portfolio could be YouTube videos, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, articles, interesting readings, relevant websites and your own work that you produced in the tutorials….


COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design

Objectives This assessment relates to course learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 stated in the e-course profile. Assessment 1 is an individual assessment. In assessment 1, you are assigned tasks which assess your course knowledge gained between weeks 1 and 5 about different facets of systems development. All students will have to write a report showing the answers to the questions in tasks 1-5 below. Please note that ALL submitted A2-reports are passed through a computerized copy detection system and it is extremely easy for teaching staff to identify copied or otherwise plagiarised work. • Copying (plagiarism) can incur penalties…


EPM5600 Principles of Project Management

PMP ASSIGNMENT – BREIF FOR STAGE 1 BACKGROUND The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is a national body that represents the interests of Project Management as a profession across all sectors and disciplines.  Its focus is on maintaining the professional reputation of Project Management as a philosophy, provides useful information to its members, runs various training courses and upholds industry recognised accreditation standards.   In October 2018, AIPM plans to hold their first event as part of the National Conference to promote Information Technology (IT) professionals and does not have the in-house capacity or expertise to coordinate such an event….


IT risk management

All your report should be written on the COMPANY you CHOOSE. NOT in general.  Choose 1 company of your choice with in Australia.  Preferably any IT Security company or any company where one of the following aspects can be discussed.  Choose 1 project out of the following for writing your report.  Allowing employees to bring their own devices (laptops, tablets and mobile phones for example) into the workplace to be used as their main or sole devices in achieving their work tasks. • Migrating business-critical applications and their associated data sources to an External Cloud hosting solution….


S2-2017-CIS8010- Information Systems Project Management

Description: Professional Business Report Submission All assessment items in this course are to be completed by students as individuals and NOT as group assessments. Email submissions will NOT be accepted in any circumstances. The assignment needs to be submitted as a PDF file, and then submitted via the link provided on the course study desk. You are encouraged to discuss the assignments with others to improve your understanding and to clarify the requirements, but you should develop the solutions to the assessment items on your own. Assignment 3 – Witten Report Value: 35 % (Marked out of 100 for each item)…


Risk management assignment help

1. Use a diagram (produced by the means of using Rationale, Visio or any other relevant software application of your choice) to illustrate current security risks and concerns considered by the VIC government. 2. Provide detailed explanation of the diagram and identify the areas of: high, medium, medium-low, and low risk exposure. 3. Carry out comparative analysis of the Deliberate and Accidental Threats and rank those threats in order of importance. Justify your rankings not only on the basis of the case study but also by the means of doing further research and drawing upon other relevant case studies (e.g. Security…

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