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    Assignment – A Critical Analysis of your E-Commerce Organisation
    Throughout the module, your group has been applying the concepts of E-Commerce to your assigned organisation. As an individual, you are required to write a report, based on a critical analysis of your organisation. Your report should include the following:

    1. Business overview: Provide an introduction and business overview of your organisation including the: name, vision and mission, products/services, targeted customers, and organisational structure (in the form of a diagram).

    2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the current state of your organisation, in relation to the application of e-commerce. Present your results in a 2 X 2 matrix table.

    3. Discuss the following key elements of your organisation’s business model:
    a. Value Proposition
    b. Revenue Model
    c. Market Opportunity
    d. Competitive Environment
    e. Competitive Advantage

    4. Online marketing has been transformed by social, mobile and local marketing.

    a. Discuss how your organisation applies online marketing to reach its targeted market, using the Social Marketing Process. In your discussion, explain how mobile and local marketing may support the social marketing process of your organisation.
    b. What recommendations can you propose for your organisation to improve their effectiveness in using social marketing?
    5. Select any four (4) unique features of e-commerce, and discuss the ethical, social and/or political implications for your organisation.

    Requirements and Instructions
    1. You are only allowed to work with the organisation your assigned group has been working on.
    2. It is expected that you will prepare and submit a comprehensive word-processed, structured, logical, technical report in a professional format.
    3. The report is to be electronically submitted through the Turnitin link on the IMAT5211 Blackboard shell by 12h00 noon, Monday, 15th May 2023.
    4. A typical report structure includes: Title page, contents, introduction, and main body of report, conclusions, recommendations, and appendix (where appropriate).

    • Note: The title page should contain: Module code and your p-number, assignment title, and deadline date. You should include your p-number in the footer of every page along with page numbers (there should be no page number displayed on the title page).

    • Marking is Anonymous. Do not include your name on your assignment cover page, nor provide your name on file. Your p-number is sufficient. Label your submission file as: IMAT5211 Assignment_[p-number]

    5. Total word count: 2000 (±10%)

    6. Please make sure all the materials used in your assignment are properly referenced, including sound citations using the Harvard Referencing System. The DMU library provides an online guide, which is available at:

    7. Watch the following video on LinkedIn Learning on: Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it.

    8. The marking criteria are supplied in Appendix 1.

    9. If you have any questions, please direct these to Mr Tolulope Odunsi at

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