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    1) Under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) at the scene of a terrorist attack that used a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), what governmental and private organizations would respond? How would they work together?
    2) Establishing control of a terrorist scene and the surrounding area is very important for the safety of emergency responders. How would the Incident Command System (ICS) be used to accomplish this goal?
    3) Working zones such as hot zones, warm zones, and cold zones are designed to offer the best protection for the emergency service responders and the victims or those evacuated from a terrorist attack. Using a terrorist attack as your topic, what type of attack would require the use of working zones?

    4) What has the city of Baltimore done to prepare for as many hazards as possible? What resources have they utilized and coordinated with to prepare for these events?

    5) After a terrorist attack that forces emergency services to use hot, warm, and cold zones, how does a city recover from such a tragic event?

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