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    Assignment 2 – Research Report – Individual
    Assignment tasks:
    1. Select one of the following topics to research:

    Approaches to quality control in a project management context.


    How to lead an effective project team.

    2. Select a sub-topic to focus on. These are very broad topics so you need to narrow it down.
    3. Gather information on your sub-topic from a range of sources, e.g. journal articles, textbooks, websites, videos (e.g. TED talks, webinars). Use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, academic sources.
    4. Write your research report, explaining what you researched, your approach, your findings, arguments and analysis, the limitations of your research and your conclusions.
    Assessment Criteria
    Criteria that will be used to assess your submission are:

    • The introduction clearly explains what was researched and the scope of that research.

    • The sub-topic or area of focus has been thoughtfully selected to allow for depth of research, as opposed to an overview.

    • An overall theme or point is maintained throughout the report to give the paper coherence.

    • Assertions and arguments made are supported by evidence.

    • The evidence selected is a balance between academic and non-academic sources.

    • The evidence selected is relevant and current.

    • The structure of the report is logical and appropriate.

    • The conclusion summarises findings discussed in the report, rather than introducing new content.

    • Referencing has been done according to appropriate tertiary standards (Harvard style).

    • Writing is in a formal academic style.

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