MBA401 Leadership a Country Comparison

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    The Assessment Task
    Students will complete a written analysis that will compare, contrast and analyse leadership in
    Australia to that from a selected country or region identified on the list provided.

    Assessment Description
    The global environment presents many challenges for contemporary leaders. First, you will look at
    a leader’s challenge in the last 12 months. This subject has focused on leadership styles, traits,
    characteristics and human resource management practices in the Australian context. A culture’s
    leadership practices reflect traditional beliefs and philosophies, which incorporate cultural settings,
    traditional wisdom and, in some cases, indigenous theories and knowledge about leadership.
    Therefore, becoming a global leader requires an appreciation of leadership behaviours across
    various culturally bound contexts.

    Students will research leadership from a cultural context by completing an analysis that compares
    leadership in Australia with ONE country or region drawn from a list provided. You will discuss at
    least one (1) similarity and one (1) difference. Students MUST only select from the identified
    countries or regions on the list.

    Students will apply theoretical concepts covered in the subject, supported by real-world examples,
    to assist them in their written analysis. Include the following elements:

    1. Discuss why awareness of global and cross-cultural leadership in the current environment
    is essential.
    2. Analyse leadership in the Australian context and the connection leaders have to develop the
    organisations’ human resources.
    3. Research and compare the key points you have made in the Australian context in contrast
    to leadership in your selected country or region.

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