MBA402 Governance, Ethics and Sustainability

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    Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Assignment help

    Your Task
    Record a video presentation that reflects upon the impacts of corporate governance failures on
    stakeholder groups.

    Assessment Description
    Researching media articles, performing analysis, and orally presenting research findings are critically
    important professional skills.

    The Learning Outcomes you will demonstrate in performing this assessment include:

    LO1: Evaluate the success (or lack thereof) of an organisation’s governance

    LO2: Analyse the legal and regulatory environment in Australia with a view to
    understanding its impact on business strategy

    Assessment Instructions
    1. Select one of the following organisations as a corporate governance failure case study and read
    the associated ABC News article:
    i. FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Australian investors in limbo after collapse of FTX cryptocurrency exchange – ABC News
    ii. Adani Enterprises
    Adani scraps $2.5B share sale after fraud claims hit stock – ABC News (
    iii. Black and White Cabs
    Black and White Cabs booking service offline after cyber attack – ABC News
    Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline LGPP V1

    Assessment Instructions cont.
    2. Prepare a slide deck of 6-10 slides:
     Briefly introducing yourself, stating your country of origin. Tell us about a corporate
    governance scandal you knew about (at home or in Australia), prior to studying MBA402
    (1 minute).
     Defining ‘corporate governance’ (1 slide).
     Introducing your case study company and its business model (what goods or services it
    provides) (1 slide).
     Identifying stakeholder groups who suffered most (paid the costs) of the corporate
    governance failure and how they have been affected (1-2 slides).
     Including a minimum of five references, including at least three academic references from
    academic journals and textbooks, as well as full details of informational sources you
    consulted as part of your assignment research.
     Providing a References list detailing all the sources you used to complete your assessment.
    3. Record your 5 minute Video Presentation using your slide deck as a visual aid.
    4. Submit your completed Video Presentation via Kaltura on MyKBS by the due date.
    Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment

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