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    Your Task
    Write a report to a company board summarising your views on corporate governance, sustainability, and
    risk management practices.
    Assessment Description
    Preparing well written reports for an audience as sophisticated as a corporate board on fundamental
    topics such as corporate governance, sustainability, and risk management practices is an important
    capability for business managers.
    The Learning Outcomes you will demonstrate in performing this assessment include:
    LO1: Evaluate the success (or lack thereof) of an organisation’s governance
    LO4: Analyse the sustainability initiatives practiced within organisations and
    determine their effectiveness in meeting corporate and ethical objectives
    LO5: Apply corporate sustainability practices in a real‐world example and examine
    their appropriateness in a variety of contexts

    Assessment Instructions
    1. Read the Case Study document which will be made available to you on Monday, Week 10 in
    MyKBS under the Assessments tab.
    2. Prepare a short, written report answering the questions in the Case Study.
    3. Include at least five academic references from academic journals and textbooks, as well as full
    details of informational sources you consulted as part of your assignment research.
    Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment

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