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    Assessment Description
    The Garment Industry is one of the key examples of the industrial globalisation of this modern era. It is a highly labor-intensive industry with lots of manual processes. Satisfying the huge global demand for garment products is mostly dependent on the production and delivery performance of the employees in the garment manufacturing companies. So, it is highly desirable among the decision makers in the garments industry to track, analyse and predict the productivity performance of the working teams in their factories.

    Assessment Instructions
    In class: Your group of 3 to 4 team members will be given a dataset at the commencement of week 10 class from a garment factory. As a group analyse the dataset using Tableau and for 120 mins
    Your nominated group spokesperson will provide a 6 minute verbal presentation of your work in the final 60 minutes of class time. Please note the data set will be posted at the beginning of your class time in Week 10.
    After Class: As an individual, you will take notes in class and then write a 500-word report which summarises the analysis, as well as providing suggestions for further analysis. This component of the assessment is to be submitted via Turnitin in week 11.

    The dataset can be used for regression purposes by predicting the productivity range (0-1) In so doing, the dataset can also be used to build a forecasting model by analysing the productivity of the factory over time.

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